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The Nature of the Seven Headed Beast

So much to think about.  I watched Donald Trump sit in a crowd of thousands as he was made fun of like a preschooler who pissed his pants.  I saw the man utterly torn asunder like a fat greasy kid thrown amongst lions.

Trump, do yourself a favor, go home and take the pills we gave you or we are killing your family also.

Sometimes we don’t realize how powerful our President really is, because in reality the President of the United States is like an emperor.  Being the Commander and Chief of the entire might of the United States Armed forces is more power than any emperor has ever held.  For American’s to buy the illusion of Democracy, the president’s power must be marginalized on television, but in the end he could kill a billionaire surrounded by an army.  It is also safe to assume that in the past thirty years no President has actually been this emperor.  Each president has been the puppet of a group of men who makes sure anyone who occupied this post answers to them or else.  This requires not a emperor to hold the position, in fact it requires what we call an actor.  Someone who is acting like the president, but is only carrying out his master’s directions.

Bush Sr. was pretty slick, but he had that stuffy conservative way about him, not the flair of a true emperor.  He just didn’t flaunt his post enough.  It is because he was to focused on executing some terrifying plans.

Fearsome Emperor Bush

Clinton  never impressed me.  It was my most impressionable time and the guy was president for eight years and not once did he get my attention, not once did he move me.

What in God's name is this expression?

The next president was  Bush Jr, he demonstrated to me what a puppet post the United States Presidency truly is.  The man was not the leader of anything.  He was not the boss and anytime his ‘decisions’ were allowed was when Cheney had to console him.  This was only to keep him from breaking apart like a spoiled kid in Wal-Mart.

Cheney, you said I could play golf this afternoon!

I have come to realize that a vicious malignant group of old bastards has taken control of this Country’s Presidency and by extension the West, and that gives them the ability to rape the rest of the world at will.  They use poor Americans shrouded in garments of expensive weaves like Democracy, Freedom and really amazing weapons to eviscerate poor people from all over the world no matter what elevation or climate.  We have robots that will fly straight up your mothers vagina and kill you in the womb.  All for what?  Security, peace and prosperity.

Our Democracy Machines

Americans work for hours and hours hefting logs, fish, water, food, garbage, plates, papers, metal and stone.  With our bare hands we build the infrastructure we reside in.  With our hands we build roads, bridges and canals that criss-cross this entire nation, and for all of this labor we have been given the guarantee of a happy safe home, food and shelter.  We can also expect to be taken care of if we are sick.

america fuck yeah

Wait a moment,  I hope you can pull yourself out of the delusional vision I detailed to you.  I just wanted you to say to yourself,”We don’t get any of that shit what is this douche talking about?”  We know the reality is, we get paid the bare minimum.  We eek out a minimum existence while building a top of the line nation.   Without question we do some of the most intense labors on the planet, wearing our bodies into feeble states.  Labors that must be done, or this society would not exist, yet, we are paid so little that a man has to choose between keeping his home and sending his kid to college?  More realistically, we are required to choose between paying rent and feeding the kids.  BUT the worker is marginalized, called frivolousness, careless. The problems with the economy are blamed on the working class.

American Soldiers are pretty much in the identical position as the American Worker

I have heard laborers blame themselves for their jobs moving overseas. They feel guilty for asking for health care and enough money so their kids can have good clothes and food that isn’t made of petroleum and fat. In the name of capitalism and competitive spirits the corporations go overseas and employ people for less than a slave would cost. Then after they save millions by building in a country that could give a shit about it’s ground water or land, they lay- off more American workers to offset that cost. So now with thousands of new people who need assistance, the corporation dodges its taxes so those people will start tearing each other apart for the basics. The corporation convinces the working worker that the recently unemployed worker is his sworn enemy. They create this tension by dodging their corporate taxes and laying the burden of the unemployed droves on the last of the employed Americans.

To work cheaply for a corporation, to give my tax dollars to a corporation, to get fired by a corporation, to get poisoned by a corporation and finally to get imprisoned by a corporation

Some Americans ignore the T.V. and realize how bad they are being screwed by corporations and they become angry.   To appease these people the corporations will throw the people a sacrifice. Enron was an example of this. The company was eliminated and its CEO heads burned at the stake.  Sometimes corporations will let these angry people gather and yell at their really big signs.  But seriously WTF is a corporation? To explore this issue go here.

Tell me if this makes sense;  G.E. The tax dodging corporation, their primary stockholder is, you guessed it, another corporation. It is called State Street Corporation. There is another corporation pissing people off, Exxon, Exxon is charging us an ass load of money for fuel, breaking profit records and laying waste to the globe. Who is their primary stock holder? State Street Corporation. So wait, when you were pissed at GE and Exxon did you envision two criminals? When in reality they are ONE. But again what is a State Street Corporation? Who owns State Street Corporation? Or should I say what owns State Street Corporation?

Is this the building from Ghost Busters? Gozer, Xule and demon dogs?

Actual building from Ghost Busters. Scared Yet?

That is just it SSC ( State Street Corporation) is primarily owned by MFS( Massachusetts Financial Services).  SSC secondary share holder is, SSC. (not that wasn’t a typo, it owns itself)  So in the quest to find the primary guy in MFS I found this out.   Disney’s primary share holders include, SSC AND MFS.  So , what the fuck? Disney, GE and Exxon are all owned by State Street Corporation, and SSC is owned by MFS.   All these layers upon layers of corporations and what have we failed to find!? One solitary tangible human being. We could technically take down GE and Exxon, hang it’s CEO’s from bridges and we would be no closer to finding the men who profited MOST from GE and Exxon’s nefarious activities.  It isn’t like the destruction of GE would harm something that owns GE, Disney and Exxon.  Have you ever seen the sheer number of companies and corporations owned by Exxon, Disney and GE?

In honor of Disney

Do to our free and independent court’s decision  ( I hope you caught my mocking tone there) our government’s candidates are getting unlimited money from what? Corporations? These things that can own themselves and own several things under the same name but call themselves different things? Although GE is primarily owned by SSC, and Disney is owned by SSC a candidate could get a contribution from all three individually.

"Can I get a Presidential Canidate and a House Speaker for that?" "Oh Yes sir, do you have a color preference?"

The major problem is the anonymity of the individuals who pocket THE MOST money from the actions of these corporations.  These layers of paper work and employees which they call corporations are nothing but distraction, ruses, mirages,  and wild-goose-chases.   The roasting of a CEO is not what we need to be looking at here.  CEO’s are nothing but employees of the anonymous men with really big wallets. Find these guys and you find the guys who are the masters of our television, politicians, military and money really are.

Find these guys and you will find the people who have bought our government and our Presidents for as far back as I can remember.

Find these men and hold them accountable and my friends there will be change.


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