Phases of my Life


I was born a long time ago in a galaxy far far away…

   I was raised in Oregon because my parents moved before I was a year old.     On my birth certificate my father’s occupation is “cowboy”.   Yes, cowboy.  My dad, my uncles, my grandpa all of them, real life cowboys.   So this provided the stage for quite the upbringing.  If you have ever watched a Western you can assume I have done that stuff, all before the age of eighteen.

Not an actual picture of me, but I have a healed broken leg to show for it

again not a picture of me

This is actually a picture of me, I am on the left.

Now I was raised by Scotch-Irish-Cowboys-




Yes, I was raised by white people.  That is how they referred to themselves, because Grandpa, back in the 50’s, decided to move to the Klamath Indian Reservation.  Instead of riding across the range gunning them down; my Grandpa immersed himself in the culture.  My neighbors had names like Red Eagle, Windy and Humpy.  There isn’t a single place in Klamath County that I haven’t ridden a horse with either, my grandpa or some old Klamath Indian rancher.  Think about that, a Indian Cowboy?

This isn't my grandpa. I think this guy dicked over the Klamaths shortly after this photo was taken.

Now talk about a clash of cultures, talk about not being able to develop the natural racial distinctions that have been ingrained in most Americans.  I have to throw another wrench into things before we can move on from my childhood.  My mother was not Scotch-Irish.  She was Mayan from the Yucatan, mixed with Apache!   My dad was raised with Klamath Indians,  so it makes sense he would hook up with an Apache, Mexican girl from the Texas plains right?

This is actually a relative of mine, no shit, Zapata

Not a relative I know of, but very possible, I am part Apache(Lipan)

Ok, now you have a rundown of my racial background mixed with my childhood experiences.  I could write volumes about the upbringing resulting from being a Mexican-Apache kid raised by Scotch-Irish Cowboys on a Klamath Indian Reservation but i think you can imagine what it was like.  Lets move on to College, or my sad attempt at College.  I graduated high-school and pretty much the next scene was me speeding off to Phoenix Arizona.   It is there I discovered a great many things that you don’t run into in cowboy land.

First it started here, the kegger, and then

Notice Pot did not lead to this, being totally drunk did.

Next the scene started to shift a tad from drunken college mayhem, to…

Raves, parties with a little more pizzaz than a kegger, less beer, MORE SEX

Circuit party, kind of a Rave, but the ratio of guys is a lot higher, and way more SEX

And suddenly I realized I was noticing stuff like this ALOT more…

This is pretty much the point I realized I was into guys.

Well the Circuit Party Scene was designed to eat up young men, and  I think I set a record for how fast that could happen…

Although I skipped the pipe and went straight to the needle.

This landed me on the streets of Portland Oregon by the time I was 22 or 23.  Totally a failure at life as we have come to understand it.  I lived in this circumstance until I was about 24.  I think, this part of my life is rather hazy because I had done a shit ton of drugs.  For no particular reason one day I decided to get out of my drug situation and clean up.  Walking off of the streets of Portland I went to live on my aunt and uncle’s ranch to escape from the temptations of sex and drugs.  Eventually, after completing my first novel while in recovery, I became one of these….

Yes a real live crabber on the Pacific Ocean.

I did this for several years, till I was about 28 years old.  Although there was a fair amount of drinking and debauchery, compared to the previous four years of my life I was practically a saint.   My life has progressed at a medium pace from that day forward, I have held many occupations, but only one thing has remained constant throughout my life.  Writing.   It did not matter if I was drunk, stoned or tweeking, I was always writing.  This life, with these experiences, has brought me to the point I am today.  My adventures involved in each phase of life, provides me with a wealth of information and experience to draw from when writing little tales for all of you to enjoy.  I hope this gives you some insight into the life of Tejun, and what you can expect when reading me.



  1. Awful. Is it all this true?

  2. :/ i’m glad you have had your writeing to help you threw and i hope and wish you well may i ask you a question? I’m thinking about all that you said and well i’ve allways wanted to do those things i know this sounds stupid and i could really mess up my life but my life is allready messed up so….whats it like? and how do you get into it?

    • Hey I wouldn’t recommend my path to anyone. The odds of death in a ditch are far greater than emerging an author. I would recommend reading learning and creating. 🙂

  3. Wasn’t Davied (pronounced “Da-veed”) one of the people in one of your books, although you gave him a different name? Prettymuch everyone got a different name except Guy. Because, you know, Guy was totally a known name in biblical times.

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