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It is difficult to explain what a writer does.  I sit around and in various states of mind am ‘compelled’ to write certain things.  It is not God or anything, it is more of a basic desire.  I have always coveted journals and pens.  To this day it takes a lot of self-control to walk past the journal section of a store.  As far as writing my thoughts for everyone to see on the internet.  I have no self-control and things like this are the result.  But again it is an urge, a thing I need to do, suppressing it, editing it, making it PG, is not a good thing and never results in what I call a happy Tejun.

I write some weird stuff.  Things that make me wonder, at myself, and my morality. There are things I want to write about, but am afraid to.  Think about that!  So the stuff I shell out from time to time is my PG-13 to R versions of the aforementioned.   Because I know there are limits.  Also, I fear I may have crossed some boundaries(limits).  Many excuses, but so much time is wasted writing excuses, when we could be crossing boundaries instead.  I can’t apologize for writing what I did, because many statements were made out of sheer ignorance.  I cannot apologize for not knowing the difference.

So if this is my destiny for what I wrote as an ignorant and passionate child then so be it.  Before they get me I will have written much more and any punishment will be worth it.  What I am trying to do here is assist in the birth of an idea.   But no I am not coming out and saying what that idea is.  That would be too easy.  Some of my literary influences are

You have to believe.

Not the senseless fighting, mainly Brad Pitt and the take down of the credit card system.

He pissed off a president, i could only wish to attain such feats of greatness.

Socrates, If i was a young boy I don't know if i would let him fondle corrupt me, but i loved reading him by the age of 13

Many many more influenced my body and mind, but those were the ones I could think of off the top of my head.   So I beg all of you who will continue to venture through my pieces, do not take anything too seriously, but take it to heart.  See it as a map of the mental evolution of a human being, one that did a few drugs for a few years.


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