Hammonds, BLM and Billionaires

What I see in Eastern Oregon is the result of our failed two party political system. The whole idea of Republican verses Democrat has allowed for all of us to be manipulated by the “Corporations and their Billionaires”.

This country’s political system has been purchased. The result of which you are now witnessing in Oregon.

For awhile now ‘interests’ have tried to purchase the ranch and lands the Hammonds own and operate. These interests being rebuffed by the Hammonds do what any capitalist does, and goes to the federal government to grease the wheels on certain departments and agencies within the federal government to effectively put the squeeze on the Hammonds.

Now this is done, of course, in the name of the environment, public lands and future use for future generations. They package it for the Democrats who give the EPA and the BLM great power to ‘protect’ the ‘environment’. Now if you are from the Left, don’t get upset. I will lay out the Republican’s part soon. But I assure you these federal agencies do not have the environment’s interests at heart.

For the second part of this deception i must ask, has anyone been paying attention to what is happening in congress right now? The Republicans are setting it up so that the States are capable of repurchasing ‘unused’ Federal Lands. Then the States can sell it to whomever they wish. Does anyone see what is happening?

The EPA and the BLM are doing the Hammond thing all over the United States this bullying of small time land owners is a nationwide phenomenon, mainly they kill themselves or get their ranches repossessed by banks and don’t revolt. So we don’t hear much about it.

The BLM and EPA have been pushing out small ranchers and farmers through ever increasingly aggressive tactics. All in the name of reclaiming the Federal Lands for the ‘environment’…. which at this very moment they are preparing to sell off to the highest bidder.

The Federal Government is selling it to the ‘States’ to create and insulator between them and the Giant Corporate interests lined up behind the State Agencies who will be selling the land.

Democrats protecting the environment and Republicans protecting Billionaires and Capitalism have created a situation where billionaires are about to effortlessly acquire our Federal Lands. Think about it folks, we have all been duped Republican and Democrat just so a fracking corporation can get it’s hands on land it previously had no access to.



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