The No-fly List

So if the New York Times convinced us the no fly list is a violation of basic rights and then later we support it, the unaltered list to further a different agenda, that makes us a person who willfully wishes to violate the rights of The People. 
When Bush passed the stuff it was the bane of the ‘lefts’ existence. I can remember that far back and it was liberals who cried against the no-fly list. It was the ACLU who demanded a donation so they could fight this shit. Now for whatever reason it is all good. 
I really think freedom, privacy, due process are all about to take a backseat to safety. Well it already has. 
The moment you have a secret list that you cannot challenge, that determines when you can travel and who can defend themselves, we have fallen. 
It is a weird feeling to know that I will be living and have been living under an authoritarian regime. I am Talking about Republicans also not just Obama. It was Republicans who got us the patriot act and the like, Obama just enhanced it. 
We have to stop calling ourselves a free people it is a joke at this point just a fucking joke.


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