The day Ham saved Obama

So I don’t usually chronicle my dreams but this one is just too huge. 
I’m riding a unbroke Horse in Texas. It stampedes all the way to Colorado, yes Colorado, apparently in the dream world you can make that trip really quickly and a horse can buck the entire way. A sidenote my dad was following me. 

When I arrive in the mountains of Colorado I come upon an encampment imagine soldier encampment from the old days. At which point I discover Obama sitting in a tent. I sneak in the tent and he thinks I’m supposed to be there and he starts talking to me. 

We talk for a long time about many subjects and become buddies essentially and he nicknamed me, Ham!
Now do the time-warp/location-warp thing dreams do and I am in a large presidential dinner where I am one of the guests, Obama is ushered into the room waving shaking hands he literally sees me and says, ‘Hey Ham! What’s up?!’
I politely waved and set down as all the people at my table were envious of the attention I received from Obama. At this point it becomes very clear I am carrying my concealed carry pistol. It just seems to be really big though and it is sticking out of my shirt.  
I’m worried I’m going to get in trouble and I keep fussing with it. Suddenly incomes some guy with a AK-47. He starts shooting up the place people are screaming and scattering but there is not a secret service agent in sight. 

So here comes Ham to the rescue! I stood up and I shot the guy a whole bunch of times until he sat down in a chair. 

Obama comes up to my side puts his hand on my shoulder and says, ‘Ham why the fuck do you have a gun at my dinner?’ We both look at each other and crack up laughing. 

Then the alarm starts going off in the building which coincided perfectly with the alarm on my phone and I had to wake up and now Ham may never exist again.


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