The Anti-Social Internet 

Remember when the Internet was a fascinating fun mysterious place? Now it has just become a place to bitch and spread propaganda. I’m about to say fuck the ‘social’ part of it. There is nothing social about Facebook. It is a venomous divisive place full of hatred and spite.  
If reality was actually like Facebook cities would be burning. But what we have are ‘internet tough guys’ who can only muster the passion to post on Facebook. Never once standing on a soap box in a town square or upon a stage. 
I look at myself while writing this, finding myself wanton and guilty of the very crimes I’m referencing. I am going to make a conscious decision to change the nature of my postings or better yet stop all together.  
I don’t feel like we are communicating on social media anymore. We are all just bitching. It isn’t like in the beginning back on MySpace where we discovered the rest of humanity and tried to amass as many friends as possible. 
Now we isolate ourselves into like minded groups and just regurgitate all over each other and have giant circle jerks about specific issues. Affecting actually nothing just constantly bitching. 
Ok bitching about bitching session over.  


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