A Cultural Bitch Fit

What we are witnessing on the Internet in the past few days is what I would call a cultural baby fit. 
Christians. People who have made allowances for all of the sins they can commit; divorce, infidelity, promiscuity, being a different faith, tattoos, piercings on and on, have always clung to the homosexual issue.  
I think as long as they were able to freely oppress homosexual people they were content. They felt as if they still ruled the United States. I mean how better to be reaffirmed of your religion than have the government back your play?
Now what you are seeing is the government saying, well you know all those other sins you flip flopped on, well this is going to be added to the list.  
Since this was one of the last bastions of Christian bigotry that was supported by the government the average Christian is facing a terrifying(to them) fact. Simply, they no longer rule. 
This makes them panicky and afraid because for the first time ever they aren’t top dog lording over and oppressing whoever they choose to oppress.   
For the first time they see they are not in control. This would be like being on the championship team year after year and suddenly you can’t even make the playoffs.  
I want people to remain patient with them. Because humans are vain vain vain and they will scream and wail their hearts. 
Realize to they are genuinely scared because for the first time, they THINK are susceptible to the very oppression they inflicted on others for centuries.  
They think the chickens are coming home to roost and they are scared. BUT this does not mean they are going to be oppressed. They simply hold this fear because that is the only behavior they understand. 
For centuries they have been better and superior and they used that position to oppress. Now they feel oppression is heading their way. Well it is not.  
True they won’t be allowed to oppress but that isn’t oppression, that is a wake up call and an invitation to civil society. Not a society ruled by a religious elite class.  
My Father and my Grandmother are deeply religious. I would not see a hair on their head harmed and I would destroy anyone who tried to harm them… For any reason especially being religious. 
I don’t want to see religious people suffer like their victims have in the past. I want to see everyone get along.  
It may take sometime, but a few decades down the road we will all look back and laugh like two great friends who got in a fight over something they can’t even remember.  


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