Paris and Vengence

Although I may appear angry and outraged at Muslims in general for Paris. I Want to make it clear I am not Xenophobic. Under no circumstances do I support any type of violent actions towards the general Muslim population.

To do that, to attempt to solve the problem by attacking the general Muslim population would effectively turn the assailant into the enemy.

If you made some type of campaign to remove Islam from the world you would have to commit every crime ISIS has committed and more.

If you think it out past the first vengeful act you will see it leads to nothing but death. Rivers of blood with women and children floating in it.

We have to engage the ones who are actively attacking us. We must hunt them to the ends of the Earth. As we do this we must continue to do it in a manner that allows the average muslim to realize we have nothing against them.

If we can convince them we mean them no harm, then terrorist will have no one to recruit. But if you attack one average Muslim out of vengeance you will personally supply the terrorist with thousands and thousands and thousands of new members. Fueling a war that would likely destroy mankind.

If you look at history honestly and objectively you can see where their current recruits come from and how they came to be. We are all just caught in an endless loop of killing for vengeance, Wrath. One day we are just going to have to stop.

In this difficult time I can only tell you one thing,

Peace Be With You.



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