Where is the Molon Labe when it comes to Torture and Spying?

I can’t get over what I am seeing on the internet right now.  Many of you know I do not define myself by political science terms, so when I am bashing conservative ideology at this moment in time I am not merely a Liberal bitching because that is what my political programming demands of me.  I am bitching because the demon of common sense is fucking screaming at the top of its lungs and I need to silence it.  So I saw this post today by the Molan Labe Industires facebook page.


So a company that clearly stands for our Right to Bear Arms, even taking on the moniker of resistance to tyranny, as their company title, Molon Labe, ‘come and take them’.  This company’s facebook page who, I am going out on a limb here, is conservative and populated by conservatives, seems to think and I quote one of the commenters, God the amount of pussy ass bitches in this country make me want to vomit. Boo fucking hoo the terrorist, murderers, rapist, etc get tortured. Really? This liberal infection plaguing America needs a massive round of antibiotics in the form of a round up and dump over in the Middle East and the Congo.

Really? How does it make them ‘pussy ass bitches’ if they refuse to let FEAR be used as an excuse to further erode our freedoms?  Doesn’t this line of reasoning sound familiar?  It should, because it is the exact reasoning, I guarantee you, the commenter uses and the company uses when addressing the debate about the Second Amendment.

So in this instance Liberals are pussy ass bitches because they are resisting tyranny?  Further, as if the hypocrisy couldn’t get any more fucked, the original meme isn’t just about torture, clearly it is broadly written to encompass spying.  So out of fear, these conservatives want a big giant blanket of government security, they want the government inside all of your phones and homes, so they can feel safe and warm at night from the terrorist.

I literally feel like I am taking crazy pills.  The world has turned upside down.  It must be opposite day because today, in my eyes, Liberals are being brave citizens worthy of the phrase Molon Labe, and the conservatives are being the, Pussy Ass Bitches.

I hope this illustrates the ridiculousness of judging someone by their chosen political science term.  Because the definitions are inconsistent simply because the moments when character is displayed, within either party, are never consistent.

Literally what party could you stick somebody in if they made the following statements to you, I hate big government but I want the NSA accessing everybody’s calls and video cameras because I am scared of terrorists.   I hate government tyranny it is the most dangerous thing out there but I want the government to torture and indefinitely detain citizens without warrant because I am scared of terrorists?


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