I am back. 

I have noticed activity in Israel and it is time to awaken

It is time to move and shake

We American’s are such a fickle bunch

We just finished several wars where collateral damage became a term

Julian Assange and many others are currently confined simply for pointing out

OUR collateral damage

We fought multiple wars from jets, choppers and ground,

Through view finders Satellites and Thermal imaging we hunted our enemy

An enemy who no longer met us on the battlefield

No an enemy who blended in its population

We, well, did the best we could, rules of engagement were followed loosely

In an attempt to keep ‘collateral damage’ under wraps

Everyday we were there, we taught the enemy how to blend in better

Women hiding huge machine guns under their skirts while being escorted by children

Then we left

Now we sit here, in righteous indignation of a nation who is simply doing what we did

Fight an enemy who knows how to blend in

The days of warriors meeting on a battlefield are over

Saddam met us in Iraq 1 with proper military units and proper military tactics

We used our firepower to bomb them out of existence before our ground troops could arrive

So Saddam learned, and so did the rest of the Middle East

IN Iraq 2 He changed his tactics, but they were just learning and still made military type moves

Making them a perfect target, again they were bombed out of existence

Eventually, the survivors, they adapted from Afghanistan to Baghdad

They began to blend in perfectly, and they stopped ambushing and started


Now they, like us, could stealthy blow up soldiers without even being in the area

We did it from 15,000 feet, they did it from negative 2 feet

Now back to Israel and Hamas

Hamas has studied and Hamas has learned, and now they hold Masters degrees in blending in

Tactical limitations makes them fans of the rocket but soon the IED will

make an appearance on that battlefield

Israel is fighting a phantom, a phantom that moves in and out of civilians

like a snake in grass, no judgements just an analogy

I will not call Hamas cowards for blending in, how else are they to survive?

I will not call Israel cowards for causing ‘collateral damage’, how else are they to survive?

Israel has done nothing we haven’t done ten fold over

We weren’t even sharing a border with our collateral damage

While Israel is surrounded by its collateral damage

Civilians die in war, especially THIS type of war

Don’t call it genocide, when it isn’t, this is just a tactical snafu created by evolving warfare







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