Bundy Ranch and Occupy

Liberal people are now calling Bundy a Free Loader?

Wow the propaganda machine is in full force. I believe this attitude and statements like this are what allowed for people to be beat, maced and arrested during the Occupy Movement.

Remember when it was the conservatives who sat back and called the liberal occupy protestors ‘free loaders and bums’?

Now the tables have turned. The liberal sits back as the Feds attack another citizen with ‘machine guns’ ‘dogs’ and ‘tazers’ and call him a free loader.

Divide and Conquer in action right here. But liberals and conservatives are too blinded by arrogance to see themselves in each other.

They both think that if they let the Feds take out their ‘perceived’ cultural and political enemy they will somehow win the culture war. Sadly they don’t realize the Feds are attacking Both!

Once one is defeated the Feds Will turn on the remaining side. Put your political differences aside and realize you are all oppressed.

To the people who claim Bundy is a thief. To
To Those who think he represents big oil, fracking or gas.
To those who think he hasn’t paid his fees!

Let me explain to you what a mitigation zone is and the fees that come with them:

The man and his family have been using that same piece of land before the BLM existed.

Only recently, early 90’s, since the BLM in all their wisdom decided to use that land as a mitigation zone.

Mitigation Zone means, they had dolled off the rest of the public lands to gas drillers and oil drillers. (Huge Corporations)

The law is written so that if they lease X amount of federal land to whatever giant corporation they must set aside X amount as a mitigation zone.

So as they leased and sold of the mineral rights and gas rights to the rest of
Our ‘Public’ lands in Nevada to corporations, giant corps that don’t pay shit, except kickbacks to senators and congressmen, they decided to come after Bundy’s piece of land as a mitigation zone.

They chose to run off 53 small ranching families who had been there longer than the BLM has existed. Than to bypass one federal gas or mining lease.

Everything you just stated. Well you are helping those corporations right now. Instead of mitigating their chunks of federal land they can mitigate the peons of this society. Like Bundy.



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