Health care shenanigans

About a month ago I filled out the cover Oregon website to get an insurance quote. Within hours I received a call from an agent who sold me a plan with no deductible. I directly asked him if the plan met the minimum requirements for the affordable healthcare act.

He lied to me. I assumed he knew what he was talking about as he was an agent and the insurance company sent confirming information by citing him as my contact person. When I received my health insurance packet in the mail one of the first things it said was this does not meet the personal responsibility requirements of the ACA.

Furious I canceled the insurance. I went back to cover Oregon again looking for a quote. Within hours of filling out the website I get another call from a different agent from a different company selling me a plan with only $1000 deductible. This time I asked very sternly, does this meet the minimum requirements by the ACA?

You could tell the guy was caught offguard and reluctantly answered the question with a no. I said what the hell do I need with an insurance plan that doesn’t meet the minimum requirements I’m trying to avoid a tax penalty.

I don’t know if this is just happening with the Oregon website or what but I want people to be aware there is some shenanigans going on.

I’m not dogging Obamacare in anyway. I’m not trying to cause problems for the affordable care act. I just don’t want other people to waste time and money on what seems to be an unscrupulous network of independent insurance agents.

If you are going to get insurance make sure a you go to your state website or the federal one and make sure the agents that call are representing the company you signed up with on the site.

Has this happened to anyone else?


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