The Great Monkey Fight is Coming to a Head

North Korea Ends Armistice

Since we were mere apes trampling through the jungles we have had wars. We have brutally murdered since that time. War is not a modern development. War is one of the most base animal behaviours within each and everyone of us.

We, humans, and all your fancy fuck culture is about to destroy itself. Your delusions of grandeur and purpose have created a focus that is destroying us. Our focus is war, to enforce ideas, and to prove it you can just look at the budgets of the world and the raw data of money spent on death. Comparing those numbers you see, war far exceeds any other money expended for any other reason.

We have to find a way to flip that figure on its head. Instead of spending a trillion dollars a year to kill, we need to spend a trillion dollars a year building and developing space tech. We could honestly with a trillion dollars a year develop and build a system that could pluck iron rich asteroids from the blackness. Bringing them into a safe orbit around the earth where it could be mined. Mined outside our atmosphere, smelted outside our atmosphere…. novel fucking idea, that is totally possible, but no we would rather build a robot that can seek out a specific human and fucking fly a missile into their dining room.

Yeah, yeah, we would have to build giant ships in space and yeah we would have to develop some type of propulsion tech and develop new materials, great! Get fucking to it, you have a good start. You have the ability to police the world, why not rescue it.

I feel i am writing i vain, I think I may be too late. The great monkey fight is coming to a head, there has been excursions into rival territories, theft of bananas, there have been murders in the night, and now open war is almost upon us.

Young inheritors of empires are notoriously aggressive and self-destructive, some are lucky and have a good strategy, good forces and they succeed becoming heroes, some fail and are killed horribly. But all of the aggressive youthful inheritors have caused open war. They suffer from a delusion of being chosen, a delusion of self-importance, pretty much the vanity almost every person in America feels until reality sets in about mid thirties. Imagine a vain American youth was just handed an empire with nuclear weapons. Please note I said vain American youth. I have hopes that a great majority of them would scrap the nukes and defy other countries to do the same. But I said imagine if a vain American youth, seized power.

I do not think the current leader of North Korea is stable. Meaning that he probably exists in a total delusional state of self-importance. He probably believes he is an emperor returned to unite the Asian continent and subjugate the globe. I am just throwing stuff out there, what ever his delusion is it probably follows somewhat close to that story line. We are talking messiah delusion, without believing in the messiah.

I just wish the monkey fight would end. Is it going to take a nuclear war to destroy half the population of the planet to show the World, war is fucking retarded? It is monkey behaviour, it is nothing honorable or spectacular, it is a bunch of monkeys beating each other to death in the jungle, we have created culture and value it so much that we have masked the monkey fight by giving it meaning. FUCK your meaning, your cultural phenomenon of religion, countries, borders, beliefs and customs. All of it, both sides, hell all sides, what the fuck are you fighting about really? Have you ever really thought about it?

Allah? Concept. Jesus? Concept. Democracy? Concept. Theocracy? Concept. Communism? Concept. All of the shit you are killing each other over doesn’t exist anywhere but our heads. Oh it is half ass manifested, by us, by using the image of each concept we hold in our heads. Without our constant efforts of trying to manifest the ideas that exist in our head, none of those concepts would exist. Now here is a novel idea, and I am going to start a new paragraph so it sinks in.

Only manifest the idea, because you have complete control over its definition, because it only exists in your head, to the degree up to the point until you have to kill someone. Huh, what a novel fucking idea? I love Jesus, Jesus is cool, I am going to give this guy money because Jesus wants me to, fine, perfectly fine. NOw this scenario, I love Jesus, Jesus is cool, I am going to shoot this guy because he is gay and doesn’t believe in Jesus. BaD Monkey! NOt good, your ideas are great and all, and I fully support you manifesting them. But if you manifest your idea to the point you need to kill someone, well you need to reevaluate your idea manifestation process. This goes for the Allah worshipers also, and all the greedy fucks who believe in ‘capitalism’.

When capitalism has you killing, too far. Bad Monkey, go back. If capitalism has you destroying, no bad bad monkey go back. Everyone, humanity, just needs to adjust our idea manifestation process. If we stop valuing these ‘concepts’ more than the reality of human life, we could become something great, but if you keep believing in your vain fantasies about different ideas to the point you will kill over them, then you fail at humanity and you are just a confused little monkey.



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