Letter to President Obama and his Administration

Mr. President

I am just a lowly citizen with a moderate education and I humbly present you my opinion on the Second Amendment and Assault Weapons. The two major talking points for the people who are opposed to Assault Weapons and weapons in general are these; our government is Just and Good and we do not need assault weapons to protect ourselves from it and when the Second Amendment was written they only had muzzle loading firearms.

The first point can be conceded, our government is Good and Just, and we do not need Assault Weapons to protect ourselves from it. But I argue Mr. President, it was not the intent of our Forefathers to disband the second amendment if government was good. Our Forefathers made the Second Amendment to protect the People from the possible eventuality of our government becoming corrupted. They were living in a time when real oppression from a world power was happening. They felt it first hand. They also had history as an example and current events. All around them in every country, governments had or were currently molesting their people.

It can be pointed out Mr. President, after the Revolution many other governments degraded and changed until they also molested their people. It is my contention that the Forefathers did not intend for the Second Amendment to be scrapped at the first sign of good government, because they like myself and I pray also yourself, KNOW all governments are subject to this disease of Oppression and Despotism. As far as you have brought this country sir I must humbly remind you that you have not made it into an institution that is immune to any of the previous.

We Americans living in a Nation designed to prevent despotism and draconian take over do not understand what it feels like to live under an oppressive regime. This is because the designers of our Constitution did a fantastic job. If we alter this documents basic tenants too much it will collapse in on itself. The Constitution is a vaccine and the sins of Government are the virus. Our vaccine isn’t perfect but it does protect us and is very important in preparing us for the Flu, the Second Amendment, to our forefathers was apparently the second most important issue next to free speech.

As far as the second gun control argument, the one about muzzle loaders, I will be much more brief. Pointed out above, I am discussing the Second Amendment’s Supreme purpose, and I am not addressing home protection or hunting. In regards to the hypothetical scenario of Despotism or Invasion, the population NEEDS more than a six shooter revolver or a shot gun when facing whatever government adversary that may be sent against them. When the Second Amendment was penned, you could walk into anyone’s home back then, and I guarantee you the best piece of technology many of them possessed was a muzzle loading firearm. The personal weapon was one of the most sophisticated machines of it’s time. And the Forefathers decided we The People should possess them.

To limit our access to weapons tech any further, since full autos and other weapons tech are already unattainable, to limit our access any further I believe would be counter to what our Forefathers intended.  They believed the citizens should possess the pinnacle of weapons tech as opposed to a bow and arrow or sword. Thank you for your time and consideration on this matter Mr. President.

sincerely Tejun Fowler


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