The State of our Union before the End of the World

The State of Our Union before the world ends,

I think our entire history has been written by one struggle. The one between those who rule and those who serve. Much of that struggle, our history, has been spent with a boot on our heads holding us in complete submission. As far back as the Egyptians and beyond up to the very present this struggle is and has been our lives.
Even if you are not struggling against ‘the man’ you are involved. You have just been defeated, but until the war ends don’t the living defeated remain part of the struggle? Submission is just a different mode of participation in the eternal struggle between master and slave.

Now I believe there have been many advances in this struggle for the slaves, us, you the one reading this.
I believe a shining example of a slave victory is the nation of the United States. Another example of a success of the slaves, simultaneously, the French Revolution(for a brief moment). The United States cast off their King. The French cut the head off of theirs.

This was a moment when the slaves, rose up and not only told the Nobles and the Rulers to go fuck themselves, they made the Nobles and the Rulers literally go fuck themselves.

Briefly I want to say why France’s Revolution collapsed and ours was successful. It is a radically simple idea. We were a ocean removed from our Monarch, and we had no Monarchs bordering us, nothing but far flung domains claimed by Monarchs an ocean away shared our borders. But France was completely surrounded by Nobles and Rulers who were not going to let the slaves rise up. I admit France stepped up and stomped the holy shit out of the rulers of many European empires, and my favorite, cut their King’s fucking head off. I salute you French people.

It took France less than ten years for their rebellion against the King and his Nobles to collapse in on itself. They were successful and briefly they shined, but then through the cunning of the surrounding empires’ monarchs, including Britain, they literally attacked themselves. You can barely keep all the factions straight Gridirons Jacobins, sanculotes, on and on till the practically decapitated everyone that ever had an opinion about anything.

America on the other hand was somewhat successful. But by no means did we free ourselves from bondage. Bondage followed us across the continent.

New Lords grew up in the place of the old ones. The same was happening in Europe, a lot of the royal lines had been exterminated, lands changed hands like coins and new king was formed, money.

We the slaves I believe, strongly believe, we helped the Money King and Banker Lords usurp and kill off the royalty and their influence.

We did it in the name of Freedom, and for the United States, Freedom is what we got… for a time. The Money Kings and the Banker Lords have since then risen up.

Listen my fellow slaves, they have placed themselves in positions of unchecked power. We all know over the last century and a half they have dealt drugs, laundered money, assassinated people, hidden TRILLIONS of dollars, poisoned, and bombed the whole Earth, but we all continue to let them rise up to even greater heights of Despotism.

Because my fellow slaves, at this moment, like it or not we are all subjugated, totally and utterly subjugated. We have sat by and let People of Money and Power, without any checks or balances make decisions with impunity. We have returned to the old world model of things.

Lords and Kings rule us, they are just labeled with a different designation. So my fellow Americans, the State of the Union is, It has been Imperialized. The original intent of the Revolution, American and French was to free ourselves from bondage, take the power and privilege away from the Kings and Nobles, in that struggle Americans we have failed utterly.

The descendents of the surviving Royal Families, the ones who allied with the Banks. They are toasting the end of the peasant uprising, they once again have gained total control over everyone of us. The State of our Union is, We have failed.

Happy End of the World… The Master is coming…


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