The Nation of the Deep South and Yankeedom

I think most Republicans, long for a way of life and a white superiority that only existed in the Nation of the Deep South.  Poor people white and black were left with nothing but uber-rich gentry to either slave for or work for for almost nothing.  A civil war era Confederate senator actually endorsed slavery for ALL POOR PEOPLE.  The deep south was a society built on Lords and Ladies, with a unique American twist to the whole Lords and Serfs system from the Old World.
The North, the Nation of Yankeedom has always been about the community having a say, public education, libraries and public works.  One Nation, the Nation of the Deep South, tried to build a empire based on the Old World style of governing.  The Nation of Yankeedom, tried to build a empire based on Yankee Ideals, which were the basis of our Revolution and our Country.   The Nation of the Deep South only joined in the revolution because of taxes and they felt the King threatened slavery.  Freedom, Liberty, Equality and all that happy shit was not a concern for the Lords of the Deep South.
Since the Revolution the Nation of the Deep South and the Nation of Yankeedom have been locked in eternal battle over the Federal Government.  This came to a crescendo during the Civil War.  When the South’s Empire expansion was pretty much halted by Lincoln’s election.  Not because Lincoln wanted to outlaw slavery in the Southern States, but he did wish to outlaw Slavery in the Territories.  This effectively ended the Nation of the Deep South’s westward expansion.  The two empires fought.
At some point for reasons unknown to me Democrats became Republicans and Republicans became Democrats.
The Republicans embraced the base ideals of the Deep South and the Democrats embraced Yankeedom.  After the defeat of the Deep South, the decline of their value system has been a slow but progressively constant process.  Today you can see it being played out daily, as Old Deep South Values are perpetuated by a dying Republican party.  The Nation of Yankeedom is finally usurping and eclipsing the Old Nation of the Deep South.  Thus the Republican party is fledgling.
p.s. I have no idea why I wrote this Lmao


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