The Nation of Cowardonia

The Nation of Cowardonia…

Oh America how we haven fallen. Freedom has been replaced by safety.

The terrorist attacks on 9/11 were a complete success. Osama destroyed our free nation with just two of our own planes and a future threat of death.

He exposed the cowards in this country and their slinky back bones. With piss running down their thighs they sold out freedom. In a matter of weeks we gave it all away and called ourselves patriots for doing so.

As soon as that was accomplished the rest fell into place without much effort. Homeland Security watching our every move, TSA molesting our children and grandmas, CIA secret prisons and torture. All in the name of safety.

Presidential dictatorial powers blossomed. Congress bought and paid for. Corporations became humans and are now allowed to spend more money than humanly possible.

We are bombing seven countries without so much as a floor vote. We are in a war called The Global War on Terror. Little did the fat spoiled Americans realize our nation shares the same globe as the Axis of Evil.

So the powers that be who usurped our freedom, began targeting ‘real’ patriots in an effort to stop the questions and the protests. Wired and Wireless warrantless wire tapping coupled with drones who can see through walls and hear a pin drop, they hunt us now with ceaseless eyes. Cowards fear not keep eating yourselves to death, while the NSA CIA FBI and TSA hunt you like a rag head in the desert.

Let’s face it America, after the Indefinite Detention Bill and Protesting became a felony everything that once was America died. All we have left is television, potato chips, diabetes, heart disease and ass cancer.

I know most of you are willfully ignorant and to scared to admit something is terribly wrong, that is why you are cowards. But I beseech you in the name of the soldiers who in the past died for freedom, on their behalf, I ask you to do the honorable thing and rename this country to something more fitting like, Cowardonia!

Yes that has a nice ring to it, Cowardonia. A nation of bitches who sit by and let the ‘Feds’ take care of them. And if you step out of line the Feds will most certainly ‘take care of you.’ To keep the dead soldiers’ honor we should also replace the stars and stripes with a big bloated yellow banner, and our motto will be, Be Afraid Cowards Be Very Fucking Afraid.




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  1. It is with great sadness i must agree most Americans are now cowards

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