The NWO and the Factions

The NWO and the Factions

by Tejun Fowler on Tuesday, May 1, 2012 at 6:10pm ·

    I have been researching heavily, in the name of my new novel, Fags Fighting Alien Overlords From Outer Space, the NWO and the factions who claim to oppose the NWO.  The NWO being a group who possess so much money and power that they are literally imploding society.  Simply because they wish to kill everyone, almost everyone.  Once the smoke has cleared from this cataclysm, they themselves have designed, they will subjugate the remaining humans.  Many people throughout the world are legitimately convinced of this reality.  The story, legend, myth, conspiracy theory, or theory based on physical evidence, coupled with observations about our rulers past conduct, has a eerily familiar and convincing tone.  If you allow yourself to delve into this type of research, any of you, I assure you that if you are diligent you will look in the mirror one day and seriously consider this postulation on the state of our reality.

A friend once said to me, You are the most curious person I have ever seen.  Coming from someone who was sixty years old that seemed like a profound statement, so I embraced it.  This lead me to find out about many people who believe this NWO reality.  People so convinced they have formed clubs, groups, military units and internet postings about the ‘evil’ plan that is about to be unleashed on all our heads.

Upon examining this subject I have become aware of the formation of ‘factions’.  I am not sure if they realize the existence of each other.   Simply because I think I am the only one who looks at it this closely;  most ‘reasonable’ people write it off as a conspiracy theory, and never give the subject a second glance.  According to my observations, two major factions exist; you have a anarchist type movement, with no religious base, and then you have the constitution/god movement, which is completely religious based.

Each are convinced of the same reality that, powerful men look to destroy society as it exists.  The faction distinctions I have made are extremely general but I am sure you can see the line i am drawing.  The religious based faction believes that Satanists, literal demon possessed people, run this world and that, in service to Satan, they are subjugating society into a death cult.

The other faction believes; unbelievably wealthy and powerful people run this world.  Men of power that, unlike other rulers in the past, have become wholly convinced of their dominance over the earth and it’s people.  These people in the name of Greed and Pride, are willing to destroy society and rebuild it with themselves set at the head.  These people so inhumanly  powerful have become convinced they can accomplish this task.

Either scenario is terrifying.  Both scenario’s are almost identical and can be applied to each other.  One side believes it is God’s punishment for sin, the other believes it is our punishment for being sheep.  Both believe that we can survive and in some cases prevent this from happening.  Although I have observed many who plan to let it happen.  Who revel in the events eventuality.   It would certainly disturb some of you to know, some willingly wish to help these mythical rulers execute this plan.  They feel that somehow these monsters will see fit to care for them and lift them from the destruction for their obedience.

Others do not wish to ‘help’ the Evil Lords but they do want to let them fuck up a bunch of people they feel are responsible for this whole mess.  This attitude, along side the ‘if you can’t beat them join them’ attitude are some of the most reprehensible I have ever encountered.  In my opinion, as evil as any overlords plans.  The final and biggest faction is the portion who just don’t know.  ‘Sheep’ as some would say, ‘Oppressed’ and ‘Blinded’ by other more understanding factions, we the Sheep are the number one cause of this impending doom.  We who fail to look anywhere but where we are instructed to look, it is us who are most to blame, according to them…. such a quandary, so much to ponder…  I cannot get enough of this stuff.  I have always considered myself society’s little observer, and although the NWO may very well murder me with ass cancer or a single bullet to the temple, I will die knowing, that I kind of saw it coming.


I have come upon a clear line

A friend once said to me, You are the most curious person I have ever seen.  Coming from someone who was sixty something that seemed a profound statement, so I embraced it.


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