What a Tragic end to the New Year

I never could Imagine that I could actually have the hope sucked out of me.  But that is the only explanation I have for the feeling that over came me tonight while watching the New Year countdown in Times Square.  As chronicled in this article here Cee Lo Green changed the lyrics of the song Imagine.  Initially I didn’t believe my ears.  Then he repeated it.  My heart sank and pushed downward on my diaphragm, tears filled my eyes and I almost wept.  Unlike the article says this ‘small controversy’ is not because I am not some die hard Lennon fan.

Fuck you Cee Lo

This subtle but monumental change in Imagine was as follows, “nothing to kill or die for and no religion to” to “nothing to kill or die for and all religions true.”

A song that rang true, a song with an almost spiritual quality despite it’s statement against formalized religions.   A song that said, WE can have world peace if you learn to give it up.  Give up your mental constructs that you base life on.  Give those up and there will be peace.  But No.  People who are so vain that they cannot for a moment bare a song millions have loved and sang for decades.  A song that has comforted soldiers in foxholes and revolutionaries in the streets.    But now a media so corrupt and so vile, they foster the destruction of art in the name of political correctness.

no fuck you John

I take great pleasure in knowing his performance of ‘Imagine’ sucked.  His bitch voice cracked several times.  HE would have been laughed off of the stage at American Idol.  I don’t think Cee Lo the sell OUT had nothing to do with changing the lyrics.  He was simply handed the ‘amended’ version and instructed to sing by his boss.  He is not a musician his is an employee of a corporation. Like a fighter who sells out and takes a fall, his Pride stings him a little, affects his physical body, because he knows, in his mind, he is committing a egregious sin against freedom, history and art.

What Cee Lo did to Imagine

As we are distracted by Kathy Griffin’s tits, one of the single most offensive things was perpetrated on mankind, the changing of art in the name of some type of frightening goal I cannot determine.  But nothing good can come of it.  Nothing good can come from someone who can literally rewrite history or change art.  This type of thing is in all the worst kinds of movies about totalitarian regimes and their methods and their devices of control.  The National Defense Authorization Act(indefinite military detention for Americans) is now law, thanks to the raised hands and the signatures of most of our elected representatives, and the almost total silence of the Media.

The evidence is piling higher and higher.  I just don’t know what else people need to know.  The actions of our rulers are no longer being limited to the shadows and backroom deals.  They are wielding our entire government like their own giant ATM’s.  We took billions from our pockets and gave it to a handful of men.  We fight wars for reasons that were mistakes and then brushed under the rug as, oops, but the same men still get paid.   But we are there so might as well shoot some people while we are there and hell lets just hop from country to country while we are at it and blow some shit up.  As long as we are burning fuel, shooting bullets and wounding soldiers the same men get paid.  The  The National Defense Authorization Act(indefinite military detention for Americans) is law and  now they are coming for the internet via SOPA.

Former Senator Chris Dodd defends SOPA by saying,
“When the Chinese told Google that they had to block sites or they couldn’t do [business] in their country, they managed to figure out how to block sites.”

This could be said another way, “Google figured out how to comply to a totalitarian regimes draconian laws, why can’t they conform to ours?”  WTF people wake up please.


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