The Iraq War is Over

The Iraq War is Over…

by Tejun Fowler on Friday, October 21, 2011 at 4:41pm

my first attempt at free form so bare with me folks… for you Mike Walker

I was a child watching Saddam on the cover of news weeks

A monster being born and then pictures of jets and bombs

whispers of War…

Then the attack, mornings in school became filled with neon green images of anti air craft fire.

Things were never the same.  Then years later after the towers fell we

returned to that country to unleash the neon hell.

Silent planes and low flying helicopters, bombs contained in rockets, molten metal

thrown through concrete. 

Then came the IED and its uncontainable terror, flashes of light ending a tanks might

severing arms and legs burning off finger prints and faces.

A trillion dollars a year, multiplied by nine, over 4000 dead and 30,000 maimed, soldiers, Americans

My heart trembles to count the women and children, the elderly and the innocent…

Dead terrorists and insurgent numbers in the untold burning corpses and the uncountable tiny

streams of blood. 

But a democracy emerged from a country controlled by our Pit Bull.  Shaking hands with Rumsfeld

while gassing Persians, we had to shut him down because he bit the hand that fed him.  We liberated a

country we enslaved and now our soldiers can hold their heads high, for they righted a wrong, and they

took a country we subjugated and set it free… rejoice Americans 

The War is Over


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