Should Gays just give it up?

Being gay, I am finished trying to convince myself I am a real human being. The Republican candidate for president, Rick Perry writes, Even if an alcoholic is powerless over alcohol once it enters his body, he still makes a choice to drink,’ he wrote. ‘And, even if someone is attracted to a person of the same sex, he or she still makes a choice to engage in sexual activity with someone of the same gender.’”

Since Rick Perry is a respectable individual who seems to have the backing of our peaceful Christians in this country, I begin to doubt myself. I feel that maybe I am a sinner and do deserve to be damned. Perhaps I really am just a wretched vile sex freak. A weakling giving in to vain addictive urges. These feelings are reaffirmed by the statements of, Former Wisconsin Rep. Mark Neumann ® running for a seat in 2012. He said, “If I was elected God for a day, homosexuality wouldn’t be permitted, but nobody’s electing me God.” A year later, speaking before the Christian Coalition, he remarked, “If somebody walks in to me and says, ‘I’m a gay person, I want a job in your office,’ I would say that’s inappropriate, and they wouldn’t be hired because that would mean they are promoting their agenda. The gay and lesbian lifestyle (is) unacceptable, lest there be any question about that.”

This gay agenda, what is it? I guess since I am gay I must be apart of it somehow? I remember what life was like before I came out. I never had once worried about my status as a human being or an American. But as soon as it was revealed that I slept with a man from time to time I suddenly became a member of this giant gay conspiracy. According to Conservapedia, The Homosexual Agenda, or homosexual ideology, consists of a set of beliefs and objectives designed to promote and even mandate acceptance and approval of homosexuality, and the strategies used to implement such

All I ever really wanted was not be hated on for being with guys. All I ever wanted was to be left alone and never once did I want it legislated. But now there is a war brewing in America. For some reason both sides, the people who hate gays and the people who are gay, they are both looking for the approval of the government. The people who hate gays only want a few things legislated so they will be satisfied.

1. They oppose same-sex marriage because they feel that it would seriously damage the institution, which they regard as a special privilege to be reserved only for opposite-sex couples
2. Conservative Christians oppose allowing gays or lesbians to adopt children, presumably out of fear that the parent(s) will train their children to accept homosexuality as a normal “lifestyle” and may even influence them to choose homosexuality later in life.
3. Religious conservatives generally oppose including sexual orientation as a protected class in legislation which outlaws discrimination in employment and accommodation.
4. Many religiously conservative groups have opposed federal anti-hate crime legislation which would include gender and disability as protected classes, because the proposed bills would also include persons of all sexual orientations.
5. They oppose including mention of homosexuality in public school sex-ed classes, because to do so would typically present homosexuality as one of three alternative normal and natural sexual orientations.
6. Many promote having health-care plans remain as a special privilege reserved only for married couples
7. Conservative Christians often encourage the continuation of existing state laws that criminalize same-sex behavior.

These views are not reserved for the EXTREME RIGHT WING NUT JOB. As with all the previous quotes, this comes from a reigning elected official. During a speech, Kern said that “the homosexual agenda is just destroying this nation” and that homosexuality poses a bigger threat to the United States than terrorism. “According to God’s word, that is not the right kind of lifestyle,” and “Studies show no society that has totally embraced homosexuality has lasted more than a few decades,”…=4444956&page=1
Really? WE as homosexuals will end society? Based on this I have to say we as homosexuals should just stop everything right now. Totally submit to the will of our right minded brothers and sisters. In fact perhaps we could assist these people in their quest to rid America of homosexuality? What do you think we should do? Do the candidates have any ideas? They have all signed the NOM pledge which will..

  • Send a constitutional amendment defining marriage as between one man and one woman to the states for ratification;
  • Defend the federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), which includes the traditional definition of marriage and ban states from recognizing gay marriage, in court;
  • Appoint judges and an Attorney General who oppose a constitutional right to same-sex marriage;
  • Appoint a commission to investigate claims of harassment against those who support marriage as being only between a man and a woman; THIS ONE IS SCARY, INVESTIGATING HOMOSEXUAL ADVOCATES IS WHAT THIS TRANSLATEs TO


But these five bullet points are only considering issue number 1 listed above. What about the other six things the Right would like to see? How many bullet points would have to be created before those were all satisfied? But that is the thing, these people will never be satisfied. Even if all of the numbered points came to pass the Right would still have all these celibate homosexuals still populating society.

I am sure they would be glad to create camps for us to go and become straighter, but what would happen to the celibate gay people who accidentally slipped up? Wouldn’t we have to formulate some type of punishment for breaking the new laws? What would be a responsible punishment? A day in jail? Couple of weeks? Perhaps a short prison term? What of the repeat offenders? Perhaps longer prison terms or maybe some type of chemical castration? All the possibilities sound so fun to me. So just give up gay people. I can’t imagine a more blissful existence where I cannot have sex and never once acknowledge who or what I want. I am sure once the Right defines us as sinners and has the legislation to back it up, they will just leave us in peace. Nothing more will happen. So just give up gay people, just stop having sex and let the Right erase any mention of us from schools and the public discussion. Let this happen…. and see what happens.



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