A Lesson From the AntiChrist




There was the AntiChrist, appearing as some fairy slash demon.  Satanic and lithe, dark and tattooed, beautiful and wanton, his wings rested on the wind as it blew over the knoll he sat upon.  Bare legs in the grass, his hips were the only thing covered. A tribal covering, ancient, concealing the things anyone would desire.  This god of lust stared at the horizon of his jungle stretching in every direction for unimaginable distances.
He smirked as he saw someone burst from the jungle. An attractive lad but a frantic boy.  The AntiChrist smiled amused.  He waived at the boy and said, “Come here.”  The panting teen stood still for a moment, wide eyes, but after his breathing became controlled he stepped towards creature.
Once he stood before the resting AntiChrist the boy said, “I am trying to get to the mountain so I can find heaven.”  The AntiChrist noticed the boy did not fear him.  He had hope for this child yet.
The AntiChrist suddenly looked displeased, pointing with a fake smile, “It is right there.”  Off in the distance, a great distance, farther than Frodo ever dreamed of walking was The Mountain. Something so great and large it could be seen from the distance required to get to it.   The AntiChrist became bitter, “Go on run, run to the mountain!” He stood up with an angry pop of his wings.  “I wish that mountain didn’t exist.”
The teen gasped, “I knew you were a demon, only a demon would lack the will to see heaven!”
The AntiChrist right up to the teens face in a flash of movement. He hissed and his eyes quivered in their sockets as they stared into the teen’s very soul, “I have already been to Heaven.”  The boy noticed a glint from a forming tear, the AntiChrist spun away swiftly.  Flopping his arm, “I am a demon because I see a problem with an entire race enslaved to climbing that thing?”  The AntiChrist pointed off in another direction, “Have you ever seen the valleys?”  The boy shook his head.
The AntiChrist grinned and softly grabbed the boy’s hand, “Let me show you what the quest to climb “The Mountain” has caused.”  The AntiChrist’s touch was calming and reassuring so the boy released a sigh as the AntiChrists’ wings snapped to life and propelled them upwards.
The passenger clutched tightly to this satanic fairy as they rocketed over the jungle.  The flight lasted for only a few minutes when The AntiChrist pointed ahead and yelled over the wind, “There, those are called, The Canyons of the Damned.”  Ahead cut into the jungle were deep chasms in the earth that ran parallel to each other.
On the land between each canyon there were massive wars going on.  Screams and explosions could be heard with greater intensity as they approached the first canyon.  The AntiChrist pointed down inside, at the bottom, “You see that is the Valley of the Christian.”
The boy asked, “A Christian? What is that?”

The AntiChrist patiently instructed, “Along time ago a man found a way to the top of the mountain.  The next day someone followed him, well extend that out thousands of years and add billions of people and you have this.”  Droves of people filled the bottom of the canyon, all plodding in the same direction headed for the mountain.  Some were climbing the sides shouting for more to come down with them.  The ones in the depths marched in chanting columns, “To the mountain, come to the mountain.”
The boy was overcome with horror, “What the hell is all this fighting?”
“See those valleys over there and there.”  The boy nodded, “Those are the paths of other men who found a different way to the top of The Mountain.   Their followers carved these canyons as well.  All of these people have become trapped in these valleys worn deeper and deeper with every passing day.  These followers are unable to see anything but the walls of their canyon and the mountain off in the distance.”
The AntiChrist cringed as a bomb ripped a group of young soldiers into soppy chunks, “Being down in those canyons drives them crazy, and they actually stop heading to The Mountain. They literally climb out of their canyons and start killing each other. Look there they are throwing the bodies of the dead into the canyon to feed the masses at the bottom.”   The AntiChrist hugged the quivering boy tight and kissed his head, “Enough of this let us leave them.”  He flew back across the jungle to the very spot where they met.  Gently placing the boy on the grass but not landing himself the AntiChrist turned his head kindly.
“Just don’t get caught up in your quest for The Mountain, it can consume you and steal away any semblence of a human soul you may have.”  The boy instantly turned his gaze back to The Mountain, determined.  Stopping his wing beats the AntiChrist dropped four feet instantly but gracefully landing.  He approached the boy quickly, eyeing him, searching his soul.  Then he said, “You really want The Mountain?  You want to get there that bad?”
The boy nodded his head, “I would give up my life trying to scale it.”
The AntiChrist snarled his lip and put his hands on his hips, “Let me take you to the base of it, then you can climb the rest yourself.”  The AntiChrist raised a finger, “On one condition, once you reach the top and if you are capable of returning, I wish for you to find me.  Find me and tell me what you saw in Heaven.”
The boy nodded his head in instant agreement, “Very well.” the AntiChrist said as he snatched up the boy and rocketed towards the mountain at a very unpleasant speed.  Soon it grew outright frightening.
The boy shouted, “I am losing my grip!”
The AntiChrist snapped, “Come on kid keep it together. If I drop you now I will not be able to catch you before you smack the forest floor.  Enjoy the uncertainty of life.  You don’t need reassurance from mountains to live boy!”
As abruptly as it began it ceased.  The two were standing at the base of a cliff that would dwarf any rock face on Earth, “I hope it doesn’t discourage you that I could meet you up there at my leisure.”  The AntiChrist reached around with the tip of one of his wings and snapped the boy’s butt, “Off you go!” Walking away as the kid scrambled up the rock face the AntiChrist smiled.
Years later, many years, The AntiChrist was sitting against an enourmous gnarled oak tree that had branches the size of busses and roots the size of subways.  The AntiChrist perked up when he heard someone approaching.  To his great relief it was a young man walking towards him who used to be a boy that climbed mountains and trusted demons.
The AntiChrist asked kindly, “Well, what did you see?”
The man stood there tears streaming down his face and sobs touched the AntiChrist’s heart, the man was weeping in celebration for he had been searching for the AntiChrist for a very long time.  “I reached the top of the mountain and I could see a lake of clouds and a beautiful jungle stretching as far as I could see.  It was the single greatest thing I have ever witnessed, it was nirvana, it was heaven, it was the very placed I longed to leave.”
The AntiChrist stood and smiled, “Then now I must ask, what have you learned?”
The man smiled with a freedom and knowledge that defies understanding, “This is heaven.”
The AntiChrist hugged him, “Welcome back to Eden.”

Tejun Fowler


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