The Birth of the AntiChrist

What you are about to read will be composed of two different sections.  The first will be The Gospels of the AntiChrist, handed to us by his beloved apostles.  These are highly personal accounts delivered to us by the men and boys who lived with the Anti-Christ, defending him against a world of Anti-AntiChrists.  Every apostle has been covered in blood, some gave theirs, leaving behind a collection of writings that have come to be called, “The Gospels of the AntiChrist”.  To further teach us about the life of Tejun, Anti-Christ manifest, the apostles Shade, Gabriel, Paul, John, Luke, Seth, David, Daniel, Saul, Joshua, Joseph and Guy all protected him, some with their very lives, so he, The AntiChrist, could preach.

Some of the Apostles

The next text was handed to us via Tejun, in fits of manic joy he presented these documents which are now known as, “The Spirit of the AntiChrist”. The main focus of these, is a character who is a spiritual representation presented to us in a mythological style. What is he?   Imagine the physical Jesus, see him walking, talking and teaching.  Now imagine him rising from the dead, that image, the thing that went to reside in the heavenly realm you would call that, The Spirit of Jesus.
Now imagine the physical Anti-Christ.  Imagine him walking around, talking, fucking and teaching.  This is the character you will come to know through his already existing text, Passion of the AntiChrist.  Now imagine him rising from the dead, The Spirit of the AntiChrist.

The Spirit of the Anti-Christ

These tales you are holding, will teach you the history, spiritual history, of the AntiChrist.  I know you have a lot of misconceptions when it comes to this creature, but dispel them now as I deliver to you God’s word on The AntiChrist.  Firstly, he is old, very old, he was there when the first monkey began to speak, Adam.  Humanity created The AntiChrist not Satan and until recently he walked with Jesus, God and Satan.  He is an accomplished and powerful diplomat between the realms of hell and heaven.  He bridges tremendous gaps, keeping demons and angels at bay, keeping Satan and Jesus from tearing each other from limb to limb.
He loves Satan dearly and Jesus wholly.  God is his master but he answers to all and humans are his foremost consideration.  He is the personification humanity’s will to question and rebel.  Throughout our short history on earth he has visited us many times, teaching us a great many things.
Also know that The AntiChrist loves all humans and protects them from the fury that Satan and Jesus have promised through the book of Revelations.  Like Atlas he holds the world up to keep it from falling into the lake of fire.  He is our Savior, read on and you will learn of his eternal compassion and lust for us.

Many stories exist of him, omitted or erased from humanity’s lessons, until now, the stories of old shall be rewritten here, so you can all learn your true nature and above all else God’s will.

I might as well begin with the story in the Garden.  Yes The Garden of Eden.  Now most like to consider Eden a place, but I have been taught it was a period of time, an Era.  It was an Era before man feared God.
This lesson is complex so read carefully, because from this point on, you are now eating from the tree of life, one morsel at a time, hand fed to you by the AntiChrist.  The Cherub with the flaming sword does not exist. God would never send anything to harm a human, despite the fact you actually believe he would.  This false perception of The Lord God is because of the world you were raised in and the lies you were told.  The AntiChrist’s purpose and above all else your purpose in reading this book is to overcome those lies.
In the beginning there were no laws, no rules, no heaven or hell nothing was kept from humans.  God and Jesus were the architects of humanity and material existence, Satan was the creator and architect of the intangible, like happiness, now you call it desire and hate him for it.  Also you have labeled what we called denial or willful ignorance as happiness.  As Adam, the first man, took his first breath, a spirit was born from it, the proof of man’s power.  As The Spirit of the AntiChrist came from Adam’s first breath and humanity’s representation to heaven was born while the three Gods watched in awe.  The three God’s being God, Jesus and Satan, the actual Trinity.
The new AntiChrist was a strikingly beautiful creature.  Seriously, Imagine ultimate beauty , perhaps the very idea of Socrates spoke of once.  Now embody that image into a spirit creature.  A young man, give him skin, muscles, hair, bone and teeth, but please under no circumstances should you allow any blemishes that would inhibit our goal of attaining beauty.  Do you see him yet?  Do you want him yet?
Now lets make him divine, let him grow wings, large black extensions of the dark .   Now move his black hair back gently and allow horns to grace his forehead.  Allow his finger nails to become claws and adorn his smooth skin with fantastic tribal patterns and symbols.  Ahh yes see him.
Now let him float there in your mind, rotating him, appreciating every detail, see the process of his creation, play it over and over in your head.  When you were observing this child of thought did you grow to love him?  Did you wish to fuck him?  If this winged saint you imagined was truly the embodiment of true beauty like we discussed than surely you loved the thing.
Got it?  Now do this one thing for me.. Imagine him as the Savior of earth and the salvation of humanity.  Good, good, read well my beloved reader, and keep this holy “thing” in mind as I tell you of his conversations with God, Satan, Jesus, Adam, Abraham, David and many more characters that shaped our reality. Just as he was imagined in your mind at this very moment, he was thus born from Adam’s first breath.  He was created to teach you the very things you will learn today.

So back to Eden, Satan was instantly smitten with the nude little fairy.  His crumpled wings still straightening like a monarch from a cocoon.  Satan laid a tender hand on the chest of The AntiChrist and looked to God, “What is it?”
Jesus added with a curious turn of his head, “Adam has created him, maybe he is another human?”
Satan scoffed whilst raising one of the crumpled wings for Jesus to see, “He is just like us brother.  See!”
God instructed both, “Like you two, he is my child.”  God knelt down and moved the hair from the unconscious AntiChrist’s eyes, “I allowed humans one creation;  Adam’s first thought, his most pure inner impression unmarked by experience.  This boy is that thing.”
Jesus and Satan listened like children as their creator explained the reason for this new little brother, “Reality and life will be more difficult for humans than I think any of us have foreseen.  I feel a long period of time will exist where man is in much pain.  They will not think clearly and they will forget all about us.”  He grew a little angry, “They will make monsters out of us all!  Accuse us of all their crimes!”  He caressed The Anti-Christ’s chin pushing lightly on the end of it with the point of his finger.  “This thing, I will send when the time is at hand, he will teach men what they were once capable of.”
Satan smiled and rubbed the bare chest of the boy, “Can I keep him, I will watch him for all eternity with all my power.  I love him.”
Jesus playfully chimed in, “I want him.”
God chuckled, “Jesus, Satan, He will love you both more than you can imagine and you will love him just as dearly, but for now, he must reside here with Adam and Eve.  He needs to learn his true allegiance.”
Jesus asked with sadness in his voice, “He will be an enemy?”
God shook his head correcting Jesus, “He will also have a deep undying love for us. He is The Son of Man, mostly human, but capable of residing here, in our arms.  This thing would never allow harm to befall any of us.” He grew serious and glared at Satan, “But his deepest love must be for humans.  Humans will never trust him if they think he shares any allegiance with us.  He must be capable of convincing them he serves no God.”
Satan laughed, “Adam is piratically a God, all of them are?”
“No, Adam is a human, we are God’s.”  God looked to a disappointed Satan and Jesus, “Don’t fret my sons, you can come here and see him as much as you want in any form you please but your own.”
Satan smiled but God raised a quick finger, “But for now we must leave them together.”
“Why?”  both boys of God asked at once.
“So humans can learn to love him.  It will be a beautiful and ancient love, it may become concealed by time but never truly erased, like you two he will be carried through human history on the tongues of story tellers   He must become so deeply instilled that Adam and Eve’s descendants will have an inherent desire to listen to his words.  When the time comes, despite what Humans have been taught by each other, they will still hear him.”

So the days of Eden began, Jesus, Satan and God watched from invisible perches as The Anti-Christ walked with Adam and Eve.  Soon they began to call him God, and gave him all credit for their existence and all of their blessings.  Their undying love for him became complete and God said it was good.

The story of the first law is a sad affair.  The single most damaging event in the history of humans.  In fact in the history of God. Until the creation of the first law, God never knew grief. After the creation of the first law Jesus, Satan, God, Humans and The AntiChrist all learned the meaning of grief.  As the AntiChrist lived with humans God watched for many years. In front of God’s eyes hand in hand Adam and The AntiChrist would walk by still waters and discuss the questions Adam had.  He stood above them as the three cuddled under a giant broad leaf during a warm jungle rainstorm.  Adam loved Eve dearly but still kissed The AntiChrist and she adored The AntiChrist and Adam’s love as much as her own for each.  Never was jealousy a factor, never was bitterness intoned into existence.
One day while the Adam, Eve and The AntiChrist were walking through a grassy meadow under a glowering thunderhead that was grumbling but still holding in its tears God approached them.  He was going to take the AntiChrist from them because he was sure the love was permanent, he thought it was time.  Right before he was about to appear Satan called out, “Father.”
God turned to see Satan standing before him, “Are you certain they love him enough?”
God took his son by the hand and led him after the trio motioning with his free hand, “Observe Satan, they love him.”  Suddenly a lion appeared from grass in a flash it was running directly at them eyes focused for a chase and kill.  Now the AntiChrist was probably the most capable of dealing with the lion but his back was turned and the lion had him dead to rights.  Panicked Eve screamed and lunged into the lions path as did Adam.  The lion was frightened by the display and veered off to find easier prey.  It looked back at them as it trotted away quickly into the grass.  Satan smiled as God said, “See.”
Satan looked at God and simply said, “I have a test.”  God cocked an eyebrow looking with interest as Satan laid out the deal, “They believe he is God correct?”  God nodded. “I think we should tell them that he has made a law.  I don’t know forbid them to do something.”  Satan looked about and pointed to a tree, “There that tree, forbid them to eat from that tree.”
God shook his head confused, “Why?”
“What is a rule?”  Satan quickly answered his own question, “It is something that is not allowed, a rule is an invisible force that keeps us from doing certain actions.  Why does a rule have this power?”
God answered, “Because of the punishment.”
“Yes!” Satan agreed with enthusiasm. “Now if they love him and better yet if they believe he loves them, they wouldn’t for a moment ever buy the idea of him imposing a rule.  Besides they think he is God, and we all know you would never punish them!”
God nodded with a concerned look, “Of course not, a punishment contains pain, I would never willingly do that.  They should know this much at the very least.”  He put his hand on his son’s shoulder, “I will take the AntiChrist with me, you go tell the snake in that tree over there to tell Adam and Eve of this new law.”  He sighed with an uneasy breath, “Then we will watch the outcome.”
Satan reasoned with God, “I think it would be better if The AntiChrist himself told them of this law.  Or at least someone who appears as him.”
God nodded in agreement, “Very well.  Take the form of him once I call him and tell them of this supposed law.”
The AntiChrist and Adam were still excitedly discussing the encounter with the lion when The AntiChrist froze in place.  He looked directly to the heavens and his mouth fell open and his ears perked as he heard God’s voice beckoning him to come.  The AntiChrist looked to Adam and Eve and said, “I must go.  I love you.”  Before they could protest he flapped his wings bending the blades of grass.  In two strokes of his massive fully developed wings he was halfway to heaven.
Adam and Eve were deeply upset by the sudden departure of their God.  They huddled together in the plain grass field and wept as the cool wind moved the stalks in a soothing caress.  Then with a crack of thunder they were compelled to raise their tear soaked gazes and look upon the AntiChrist in all of his righteous lustful glory.  His stomach flexed and his eyes shown with a power and knowledge that almost made him a stranger.  He spoke, “Adam and Eve.”  The two were confused, his appearance was different, the feeling coming from him was unfamiliar to them, but not for a moment did they doubt he was God.  You must remember as far as these two children know, The AntiChrist is God.  Neither has been permitted to interact with God, Satan or Jesus in their physical human forms.
Satan appearing as The AntiChrist, who is believed to be God said unto humans, “Look at this tree.”  Adam and Eve looked over shaking from the fear that emanated from Satan, his voice was amplified and electronic and the air crackled around him.  Earths very atmosphere the fabric of space and time is disrupted by his presence and power, “I forbid you to eat from this tree.”  He didn’t have to accompany this with any kind of threat.  This was someone the duo believed to be God, and well he wasn’t God he was Satan.  The threat wasn’t necessary because pure unrelenting dread and anguish emanate from Satan.  Something so terrifying that it is the definition of THE FEAR OF GOD!  Is any of this coming together for you people yet?  Adam and Eve had been ordered and to their great relief the deity suddenly left.

The next thing that happened is the most beautiful part of any human.  This story has been jacked up so bad, but I assure you it was not a “serpent” who did the scheming for the fruit. It wasn’t the woman who tricked the man, no my friends it was good ol’ fashion human spirit and rebellion that led Adam to pretty much say, “Fuck this.”  and march straight up to the tree eating the fruit in defiance.  Yes after Satan left the fear subsided.  Adam pulled his shit together with the help of Eve firing a barrage of tearful questions, “Why was he so angry with us?  Why would he hurt us if we ate the fruit?”  She was hurt, broken and weeping, so was Adam.
Now wait my readers! I need to pull your focus away from Adam and Eve for a moment, do you not remember our observers?  Yes, God was watching with The AntiChrist and Jesus. Standing a hairs breath from Satan as he spoke God’s first lie.  Seems like some sicko’s right, watching all this go down without a word?  Well know that naive actions mixed with the fact; none of this had ever happened before, pretty much assured that everyone was flying by the seat of their pants.  God didn’t just stand there silent.  He wept like a lover who had just watched their partner die.  Even Satan felt the disturbance and cut the whole display short.  God was grieved at the dread on their faces, he was crushed that they did not know him.  Back somewhere in our creator’s mind he figured the lie would be sniffed out and Satan revealed where he stood.  Jesus comforted God as Satan appeared at God’s side.  The AntiChrist was helplessly watching as his beloved Adam and Eve were still standing in the middle of that field of fear.
Furious The AntiChrist turned on his family, “Why did you do that?”  He pointed to them and screamed, “Let me go to them!”  There was a pause, God looked up, The AntiChrist stepped forward and screamed as his wings burst out making him appear huge, “Now!”
Satan’s mouth dropped open and Christ quickly looked up.  God smirked and Satan grinned, “Defiant little bastard isn’t he?”
God raised a hand to The AntiChrist, the little demonic fairy’s face eased and he helped God stand.  Once all were standing God spoke, “You just gave me hope, if you can do that in our presence, defy God, then they should have no problem.”  All of them turned and looking at the pair and listened with new hope.
What were they expecting?  Exactly what happened, Eve’s grieving began to upset Adam and in a furious outburst he said, “What did we ever do? Why would God speak to us so and threaten in such a way?”  God smiled as Adam stood suddenly and stormed through the grass to the tree that had suddenly become forbidden.  He savagely grabbed a fruit and began to eat it like a starved man.  Juice and chunks of the fruit streamed down Adam’s perfect torso.  Plucking another fruit from its home in the branches Adam rushed back to Eve and practically shoved it in her mouth, through gurgled sobs she ate of the fruit.  Adam looked to the heavens and tearfully screamed, “Now what God? What will you do to me now?”
The AntiChrist looked at God in horror and almost shouted again.  As he gazed upon the face of God he fully realized he was hurting.  Hurting badly, a grief that could destroy existence.  With a stone cold voice and a look of suicide upon his lips God said, “I will go to them.”  The AntiChrist nodded in agreement, No better a thing to send and comfort than God himself he thought.  What happened next is really why you are what you are.  Seriously, your entire existence and approach to reality is wholly influenced by this next event. God appeared to human beings, it was a big fat mistake.  First off he went to  Adam and Eve before they had even gotten the juice off their mouths, secondly he happened to appear at the exact moment the storm, on earth, cracked with a force that could make ripples move through rock.  This clap of thunder would make any man duck now combined that with God appearing, what do you have, two freaked out naked little nymphs screaming in dread and running for their damn lives.  Mildly amusing isn’t it?  NO, it isn’t, this is the single most tragic event in the entire history of Man.  It is the moment when humans began to fear God.
God stood alone in the middle of the field with his arms limp at his sides tears on his face, he wobbled and then fell, Adam and Eve never saw this as they ran into the jungle.  Jesus and Satan were already getting ready to go to God when The AntiChrist pleaded, “Please take me with you!”  Satan and Jesus looked at each other confused and worried unsure of what to do.  Quickly, Satan grabbed the satanic fairy and held him close, skin to skin, back against chest, warm, arousing.  Especially when Satan softly brushes the fairy’s butt with his front.  Satan whispered quietly, “Stay close.”  Then poof all were back on earth each kneeling around God like a wounded soldier, “What has happened to him?” The AntiChrist asked in a concerned tone.
The storm cracked above them and then the ground began to move.  Not an earthquake type movement, massive waves were passing through the ground making it appear as a large swelling rolling ocean.  Satan said, “I am dizzy.”  Jesus yawned.  The AntiChrist was unaffected.  God remained still as stone.  What was happening is rather complex.  You see, God is everything, he appears in the form which I have described to you only to experience the many levels of existence that is him.  The creature that collapsed in the field from grief was God’s manifest consciousness.  When he saw his beloved Adam and Eve run away in terror he was broken.  Imagine the boy you love running out on you, the accompanying grief is a fraction of what God felt.  How well do you function when you are in agony? This God level grief affected his ability to function and well, that is very bad.  The entire realm humans call home, earth, space, the stars, all of that, started to waver.  Reality was ceasing to exist.  Galaxies were popping out like bad Christmas lights.  Eden(planet earth) began to tumble out of orbit.  The moon moved closer and closer until the two planets almost touched.  The AntiChrist looked up to see an avalanche on one of the moons craters caused by earth’s gravity.
Quickly he turned to speak but found Jesus and Satan both unconscious on God’s chest.  He picked up Satan’s hand and let it drop, it was practically lifeless and this sent a chill down the AntiChrist’s back.  He gently moved Jesus and Satan off of God.  Bending down he tenderly shook God but there was no response.  He began to weep as the planet grew dark and very cold.   Tears streamed down the face of the confused fairy, watching everything he ever knew crumble and die.  A single tear leaped from his quivering chin and splashed onto God’s face.  His eyes instantly popped open and just as quickly filled with tears.  Through the blur of his tears God witnessed his most beloved creation, reality, dying.  He quickly pulled himself together and sat up barely taking notice of Satan and Jesus’ limp bodies.  The AntiChrist helped him stand and God smiled, “Whew, I have made a mess of things haven’t I?”
He looked off in the distance and sighed, “I have to start over.”  Then he let his head drop and he wept into his hand mouth curled in grief, “I should never have lied to them.” The AntiChrist silently nodded in agreement.  Then God put his hand down and with red eyes he smiled at his beloved fairy.  He thought for a brief moment, “AntiChrist.”
The AntiChrist tilted his head to the side, “Yes?”
“Will you care for them?”
“With all of my being.”  The AntiChrist touched his chest with a long fingernail.
God nodded, “So be it.  I will rebuild what I have made.  I will place you at the head of it and in it.”  Jupiter passed by and a tidal wave the size of a mountain range began to move across the continent pulled by the gravity of the giant planet.  Unconcerned God continued, “You must take my power though.”
He grabbed the fairy’s shoulder and spoke intensely, “I will give you my secret, I will place it in you, my knowledge, the thing that makes me God.”  God looked to the wall of water approaching them at the speed of sound, “Don’t worry about doing anything it will rebuild itself.  You have to carry the power for a time, I can no longer bare it, and all will be lost if I try to hold onto it.”  He smiled and hugged the boy close, pulling him in and kissing him deeply.  The AntiChrist was knocked unconscious by the kiss and the transfer of power and God said, “Besides you are the only one worthy to watch them.”

The AntiChrist awoke in the same field, the sun was high in the sky and the three kings, Jesus, Satan and God were all laid out in a line, still, unmoving.  He never felt the fury of the oceans being upset from their ancient sea beds because everything was remade in an instant.  He tried to awaken Satan, but nothing worked.  He moved to Jesus then to God, but stillness was all he was offered for his efforts.    He remembered everything until the kiss.  After a time he let them lay in the field why he surveyed his surroundings, amazed at how the sun was once again where it belonged.  Nothing appeared different than before, nothing accept an unconscious family.  His mind instantly went to Adam and Eve.  He peered at the jungle with his AntiChrist eyes and saw them hunkered in a shelter they had constructed from large broad leaf plants.  They were terrified!?  Did they remember?
He turned back to the Gods and decided to hide them away, one by one he took them to heaven by using the ascension he was now a master of.  He made a place for them, with a thought.  It was a beautiful chamber, almost a tomb, but it was a tomb for Gods built by a God.  Once he was confident of his family’s comfort and security he plummeted back into reality.  He knew that Adam and Eve feared him and he wasn’t going to frighten them again, so quietly he lit softly outside of their humble shelter.  This is the conversation he heard.
Shaking, Adam still clutched his sister, mother, lover and soul mate.  He spoke in a broken tone, like he was losing it, “God is angry with us.  He has become angered by my defiance and he almost destroyed us.”  The AntiChrist looked up at the wall of the tent barely containing a protest.  He wanted to comfort them but he was unsure if they would simply panic again.  The fear coming from the tent was disgusting to The AntiChrist.   Taking a soft step back to get clear of the confusion he thought for a moment, possibly he could simply wipe their minds of this horror.  He shook his head laughing at the stupid thought.  They would no longer be humans if he or God were to do something like that, they would be mindless puppets.  No this is reality, humans are the kings not Gods.  Reality is beautiful because of its ever evolving system of checks and balances completely independent of any guiding hand or ruling force.
Eve asked Adam, “What are we going to do?”
Rubbing her shoulder warmly, “We will not eat from the tree again, ever.  God will not be angry again.”
“Where is he?”
“I don’t know?” He stood suddenly and lead Eve outside.  He fell to his knees and clasped his hands together and looked to the sky.  Eve did the same thing, “God, please forgive us! We are sorry for offending thee, we are sorry for disobeying.”  The AntiChrist sneered and walked around to the front of the structure where the two were knelt.
“What are you doing?”  he asked.
Without turning to look at him Adam said, “I am begging for your forgiveness God.”
The AntiChrist laughed and walked into their view, “You don’t have to be-”  Their eyes were not registering his presence.  They looked directly through him.  He waved his hand, “Hey.”
“Dear God pleeeease forgive us for our sin?”
His mouth fell open once he realized they were blind to his presence.  They couldn’t see or hear him.  He yelled and flapped his wings, screaming for their attention.  Adam continued making a complete ass out of himself.  The AntiChrist fell to his knees and looked into Adam’s eyes with his hands clasped as well, “Adam you don’t have to do this.  You have never done anything to offend God!  There is no need for this Adam.  Please stand! ADAM! STAND UP!”  He began to cry as he watched Adam become a servant of God.  He watched as his beloved duo became convinced he would harm them.
Adam stopped praying as The AntiChrist still knelt weeping quietly inches from him, unable to touch him, unable to comfort him.  “Eve he has left us, he won’t come back.”
The AntiChrist hopelessly whispered, “I am right here.”
Eve wept on the strong arm of Adam as he held her head in his hand, “It will be ok Eve.”  They turned and went into the structure without a second glance at their God who knelt in the wet browning leaves and moist moss.  The AntiChrist wept for an undetermined amount of time.  As he sat there unable to interject he watched as Adam and Eve destroyed Heaven and the idea of God.  First they named their transgression against God.  They called it Sin.  Then through many questions and the philosophical nature in which humans fuck everything up they concluded that a Sin was an Evil action.  In a matter of moments, Adam and Eve had learned to Fear God, then they created Sin and Evil.  They concluded that a representation of Evil existed and he ruled over a place of punishment, suffering, eternal death.  The story of how Satan became this creature will be explained soon enough.
Of course God remained “good” in their eyes a new term apparently the opposition of evil.  Sadly since they now thought he would actually destroy them for sinning they made God into something truly evil.  A wicked punisher of those who do not serve him, with no regard for the life he so justly created.  The AntiChrist instantly feared how Adam and Eve would emulate this new persona.  Disgusted and unable to do anything he flew back to the tomb of the Gods.  He must try to awaken them and get Adam and Eve to see him.


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