AntiChrist or Anti-Christ

There is a game in the web site world and it is called the google rankings  game.  Let us take on the idea of keyword search, someone may type into the google search field, AntiChrist.  Now if you enter it you will be given pages and pages of links leading to websites with something to do with the Anti-Christ.

My main reason for changing the format of the word Anti-Christ is because of the Google.   It is a giant super robot that ‘crawls’ through the entire internet, looking at every site, judging it’s size, seeing if it is growing, shrinking, or staying the same.  The Great Google Bot determines which each site pertains to by using algorithms and other technical shit.  This is why you can type the words Anti-Christ into a search bar and BAM there is a list of the best sites a robot can find about the Anti-Christ.

IN the hay day of WWW.CHURCHOFTHEANTICHRIST.COM, we actually made it to the number two spot in the Google rankings for AntiChrist.  Then hacker came and destroyed the site.  So much for religious freedom.  (side not- we know exactly who you are) (another side not-exactly who you are, we have your address and we have sat outside of your mom’s house on several occasions) By the time my site got rebuilt, well we fell off the google rankings.

So now I am going to write about the AntiChrist, and I am going to use every opportunity possible to  use the word AntiChrist.  IN both formats, AntiChrist and Anti-Christ.  Some people would consider just writing the word Antichrist over and over, but you know what?  The Google Bot is smarter than that, he needs verbs adjectives and pronouns.   He needs content and links to different things about the AntiChrist.  Also the Google Bot likes it if you link to what the Google Bot considers to be respectable Anti-Christ sites.

Everyone has a preconceived notion of what the AntiChrist is.  I am here to tell you the Anti-Christ of this AntiChrist Church, is nothing like the AntiChrist from the series, Left Behind or the film, The Omen.  Forget about the super powerful overlord that rules the world with an iron-fist.  This is not the Anti-Christ I was introduced to or told about.   You see, as a writer, I have written many stories about the AntiChrist, it is a facet of my writings that I have always kept secret but soon they will all be released on this site for everyone to read.  These ‘gospels’ are all Biblical, Fantasy, Myth type stories involving The Anti-Christ.  This is copy and pasted directly from one of the hidden Anti-Christ Gospels.

  The new AntiChrist was a strikingly beautiful creature.  Seriously, Imagine ultimate beauty , perhaps the very idea of Socrates spoke of once.  Now embody that image into a spirit creature.  A young man, give him skin, muscles, hair, bone and teeth, but please under no circumstances should you allow any blemishes that would inhibit our goal of attaining beauty.  Do you see him yet?  Do you want him yet?
    Now lets make him divine, let him grow wings, large black extensions of the dark .   Now move his black hair back gently and allow horns to grace his forehead.  Allow his finger nails to become claws and adorn his smooth skin with fantastic tribal patterns and symbols.  Ahh yes see him.
     Now let him float there in your mind, rotationg him, appreciating every detail, see the process of his creation, play it over and over in your head.  When you were observing this child of thought did you grow to love him?  Did you wish to fuck him?  If this winged saint you imagined was truly the embodiment of true beauty like we discussed than surely you loved the thing.
      Got it?  Now do this one thing for me.. Imagine him as the saviour of earth and the salvation of humanity.  Good, good, read well my beloved reader, and keep this holy “thing” in mind as I tell you of his conversations with God, Satan, Jesus, Adam, Abraham, David and many more characters that shaped our reality. Just as he was imagined in your mind at this very moment, he was thus born from Adam’s first breath.  He was created to teach you the very things you will learn today.

This is just the beginning of the first story.  I am actually excited to be posting these Gospels for you all to read.  I cannot explain anything really, but I can tell you the AntiChrist in my stories, the Anti-Christ that I will be showing you is something you will all learn to love and adore with all your heart.

welcome to the AntiChrist Church and enjoy the Gospels of the AntiChrist

with love go in peace, Tejun


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