Charter of the Anti-Christ Church

****The Anti-Christ Church was a brain child of mine back in 2003.  I actually filed the church with the Secretary of State for Oregon, and it is still a viable entity.  Although writing is my primary focus, this is something I did create and I think should be shared.***

Official Charter for The Church of the AntiChrist
Created May, 30, two-thousand and seven

The authors- Tejun Fowler, AntiChrist  The Apostles Shade, Gabriel, Paul, John, Luke, Seth, David, Daniel, Saul, Joshua, Joseph , Guy

The  Anti-Christ Church’s Mission Statement-
The Anti-Christ Church exists to provide relief from religious tyranny in the form of education and the creation and distribution of tools to defend against the religious mindset.

Section One-

Article One- The Anti-Christ Church Structure

-There shall be no leaders
-There shall be no structure
-There shall be no established codes or guides of conduct
-There shall be no admission standards
-There shall be no tithe
-There shall be no required ceremony or practices
-There shall be no holy or divine articles including texts
-There shall be no followers

-These standing  Charter statements contained in Section One  can never be challenged or changed, anything else is not The Church of the AntiChrist, and only some self-serving fool who wishes to control you.

-The Anti-Christ Church will never confirm or deny the existence of any deity currently in existence through religious stories or by eye witness account.
-The previous will also be maintained in the advent of the creation of or a new witnessing of any type of deity

Section Two-

Article One- Formation of  The Corporation

– The Church shall form a corporation called PoftheAC
-PoftheAc will be divided into the Investment Division, Publishing Division, Political Division, Promotional Division, Good Works Division and The Security Division

Article Two- The Investment Division
-Shall be responsible for all financial and logistical aspects for the entire corporation
-Shall be responsible for employees of the corporation and all aspects pertaining to corporation business
-Shall never determine the direction of any other aspect of the other divisions choices pertaining to their specific division
-Shall act as a facilitator to the other divisions making their operations run smoothly

Article Three- The Publishing Division
-Shall manage the production and distribution of all current novels and future novels to be produced by Tejun Fowler and  The Apostles.
-Shall actively search and accept  submissions from other potential authors

Article Four- The Promotional Division
-Shall handle all promotional activity for the Publishing Division, Political Division and the Good Works Division.

Article Five- The Political Division
-Shall peruse political reform in areas concerning religious oppression
-Shall form groups and movements within voters to facilitate voter action and responsibility
-Shall form groups and movements concerning the “Underground Railroad” out of oppressive countries
-Shall  obtain grants and political backing for all projects associated with The Church of The AntiChrist

Article Six- The Good Works Division
-Shall construct a ranch called  “The Sanctuary” and maintain it for the care and shelter of homeless youth cast from their homes for their religious beliefs or sexual orientation
-Shall form a private school  of the highest standards to educate the tenants at  The Sanctuary
-Shall help put into motion any good work that a tenant of the ranch or member wishes to attempt

Article Seven- The Security Division
-Shall form a security company called “The Praetorian Guard”
-Shall actively recruit ex-military homosexuals and lesbians for the guard of  The AntiChrist and employment through the The  Praetorian Guard
-Shall train any tenants of The Sanctuary who wish to join The Praetorian Guard
-Shall  protect the wards, facilities and assets of The Church of the AntiChrist including but not limited to, The Tenants, The Apostles and The AntiChrist


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