AntiChrist Church Gets 300th Member

****The Anti-Christ Church was a brain child of mine back in 2003.  I actually filed the church with the Secretary of State for Oregon, and it is still a viable entity.  Although writing is my primary focus, this is something I did create and I think should be shared.***


What is the AntiChrist Church going to do?  Scary question, well the answer is much more terrifying.

The AntiChrist Church must establish influence.  Influence is the key, not numbers.  Do you think the leaders of the world are more than three-hundred?  Look at the Jewish nation, they have considerable influence in the middle-east despite their population.  One more notable piece of evidence is China’s precarious state of affairs, although heavily populated they are not a world leader, yet.  You must understand our numbers are enough to grab the attention of anyone, so this issue shouldn’t concern us greatly.  Our influence will bring numbers, if that is what I ever decide to do.

The Anti-Christ Church’s original 300 members are very dear to me, and you have all made history.  Everyone of you will be remembered for thousands of years, because you put your name on this organization.  Only an educated few have begun to realize we, THE ANTICHRIST CHURCH, have created a real viable cultural entity.  Through us it has been born and I don’t believe it will stop.  This Cultural entity has many heads, and it rises from the sea first, the Anti-Christ Church, because we are telling the world the AntiChrist is here in OUR Temple.  We are an organization because we are going to politically and legally make a move on the religious right that will make it tremble.  If they attack with violence we will show them The AntiChrist is really here.

WE are nothing at all at, and the very same moment  The AntiChrist Church is a symbol and and Idea and that will grow across the nation representing our collective will.

Tejun Fowler


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