The Heretic (a poem)

That was the introduction, a historical dissertation about my life’s phases and my strife’s faces,
This poem here is being held so my purpose can be unveiled.
I want you to listen, I want your attention, I am casting a spell and my friends it origins, may just be hell.
But that is just fear speaking, because the words I am doomed to create come with a heavy weight.
My words are sin, at least definable by today’s righteous men, with Christs love on their sleeve, buying bumper stickers and bracelets designed to show everyone they believe, a prideful testimony to a membership for the deceived, neat little masks plastered all over their Muslim killing SUVs.
As I sit here and speak and instruct you on the Bibles leaks, I will have to face the rebukes of the weak, as I warned my words are sin and again I will say they may offend.
I wont ask anyone to leave, but those who serve the Bible and look to convince others of its truth you may find me irreverent and uncouth,
But those who are still wondering and asking might see me in a different light tonight
When you hear me speaking and your biblically trained soul starts freaking remind thyself to judge not, these could be the very words your soul has always sought.
Before we continue I must tell you of the Fowler Versus, four times in the Old Testament it warns of The Fowlers curses, really the Bible says trap, but for the sake of rhyming I had to put that crap. What does this have to do with this rhythmic word shower? Well to put it simply folks my name is Tejun Fowler.
I don’t know if you know it, but you are listening to a biblically prophesized poet.
If you need the numbers go to psalms 91:3, and 124:7 two written warnings straight from heaven. If those arent convincing enough words perhaps you can flip your bible to Proverbs, chapter 6 verse 5. At least Hosea 9:8 should let you know you have taken the fowlers bait.
Don’thate me, I didn’t create this shit, I was born into it. I write these poems in one sitting, like I am doing an angels bidding, pages of text for the heretically vexed, empowering the sinner and wretched to overcome the Bibles Text.
All of this is amazing really, and my friends to doubt what is happening would be quite silly. There are soooo many signs right here in your face. Here in this place, I am standing before the human race spouting a testimony that will be called phony, but look into your hearts and stop listening to those biblically enslaved brain-farts. As my voice comes across in this monotone hum, know I only speak of physical and spiritual freedom.

The Tejun


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