The End Times (a poem)

I have never understood the theology behind the end times, the fact some of you worship this prophecy of doom, is the reason it is coming so soon.
What are you doing? You don’t think we can succeed, how can you believe God would carry out such a deed.
I mean really? God will create a race and then vanquish them without a trace? Watch them flail around for a few thousand years and then like some sick conductor he tells us we will all die and suffer.
So from that day forward our race begins to decline, because who cares it will all end in time, I don’t need to love my brother, because in the end we are just going to kill one another!
Tonight I am going to make a bold statement, you don’t have to buy this lie, you don’t have to buy this lie.
If you are saying, I am a Christian, then I say your religion has nothing to do with compassion. You worship our failure, our extinction, you worship Gods inability to create something with stability.
NO wonder you think everything is damned and evil, you worship a prophecy written by the devil.
Like sycophant scribes you thumb and prune your worshiped words, convinced it is the reason you get everything you deserve.
You strive to keep a heretic like me ineffectual and you keep your boot on the neck of the homosexuals.
Calm down, this is not a blanket accusation, this is an informed observation of a society on the verge of destruction.
Not every Christian can be accused of these sins against man, and to demonize Christians isn’t my plan, I just want you to see the harm contained in this prophecy.
Did Jesus want you to worship this text, this seems like an addition causing Christs message to he hexed. A major contradiction in terms, the loving shepherd extinguishing us like germs.
I am asking you to let your Biblical trained mind bend and do what Jesus would do and stop Armageddon.
The Tejun


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