The Church of the AntiChrist’s Song(a poem)

The Church of the AntiChrist’s Song

Are you a weary sinner, never accepted
never allowed into the group’s center?
Are you held at an arms distance, for your
beliefs and non-repentance?
Do you have a hard time believing we are damned,
are you fatigued from constantly seeing heaven’s gate slammed?
Are you a sinner, barely allowed to sit down at dinner?
Are you on the edge of the abyss because something about
the Bible seems amiss?
Rest my sinning sons and daughters, for I will teach you there is no need for
acceptance from the father.
If he is real, let me lay out his deal, He created you, he wants you, exactly the way you are!
You see some of our judges have taken it too far.
Making you come to them for the hand of something
they will never understand.
Forcing you to walk in a rebuke imposed darkness
by being called evil, heartless and soulless.
The Church of the AntiChrist defies them, with an upheld hand.
Like a knight at a castle gate, I usher you past, standing between faith
driven hate and you the damned cast.
I bare my sword, a blazing one and I spread my wings, black ones.
With fangs bare as you run clear, I will pierce the earth and open a crack,
the self-righteous judges will fall back.
A great fire will rise from the depths and begin to reflect back at them
the hate and judgement, the self-righteous arrogance.
My children will be safe from the carnage that will ensue when they begin to attack their reflections in the flames,
jumping into the lake of fire screaming their god’s names.

with love and protection for all of the damned…
The Tejun


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