A guide to Religious Fascism(a poem)

The World’s most important poem…

A guide to Religious Fascism…

Hi my name is Tejun and I am The Faggot Prince…
Today I will instruct you on making a fascist government…

First you will need a common religion, a big one that can
govern the populace despite their region.

Reward the members, tell them of their superiority, tell them
of their righteousness, reward and security.

Now you need a common enemy, someone different, someone
strange, someone who represents unwanted change…

A campaign of hate will help, call them diseased. It helps if your
Bible says they make God displeased.

Cause problems to blame on them, if the empire you serve is in trouble
all the better, more to put on the hate letter.

Now the government must make a stand and pass legislation that shows
they support the anti-whatever.

Make them lower than you, outlaw something that they do, make sure everyone
knows they are scum in the nations eyes and their end will soon be nigh.

Perhaps next you could outlaw their clubs and pubs.   It won’t take long and then you will be
imprisoning them whilst singing the anti-whatever song.

Once they are hustled away pick another, someone who doesn’t quite fit in the mold,
now outlaw them in the same way and pretty soon your nation will be as fascist as ever.

I spit on your one man one woman law.  A fascist religious law,
something that eats a real patriots craw, Freedom has been eclipsed by a book.. Lady Democracy infected and used like an inquisitor with a gun to her head, for me a faggot in this country….my friends… freedom is already dead.

I have two comforts

One my right to stand here and speak…
and two as you all come to Fully Realize the type of ball you have got rolling, it secretly
pleases me to see the look on your faces mounted on your pretty little necks,
the look you get when you actually begin to contemplate, “Who is next?”

The Tejun..


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