A Boy(a poem)

A Boy

I am going to impart a tragic story, One that belongs to a boy named Corey
Young and blond, full of life, nothing short of the perfection promised by a plastic surgeon’s knife.
Six pack from hell an ass shaped like a bell, a mind full of dreams lost to the Bibles extremes.
He went to college in the East, Ivy league truly an American master piece.
As with some boys in school, he tested his preference in the youthful experimenting pool.
He found what was always hidden by a Christian upbringing, a desire that makes angels
stop singing.  Fopa and unmentionable, ignorable, and abominable, despite this his desire was real
and so Corey ate of the homosexual meal.
Miles away from mom and dad the Christians who brought up this fag…
Teaching him to hate himself with the fury of a God, teaching him to smite himself with an Iron Rod.
Guilt built and compounded, he couldn’t face the moral code that had been pounded into his head
until all reason was dead.
The teachings of the Bible worked and this sinner began to come uncorked, afraid of discovery, shamed
into hell, by Christians urging his holy recovery.  Tears and doubt, taught by a verse, I like to call
Leviticus’s curse.
Spring break came and Corey returned home, to see he parents who were in the know.
When he arrived, he didn’t receive a hug, instead he was ushered into the living room with an angry tug.
There was his whole family, a priest and some friends all there to help this boy bring his gayness to an
After about two hours he must have grew weary of the yelling and rebuking, the tears and the pleading,
the shame that his father said he brought to their name.
He stood to go to the restroom but instead went to his fathers room, rustled quickly through a drawer
and pulled out a nickle plated 44.
In tears he took labored steps to the backdoor as so not to make a mess on his mom’s floor.  He sat
on the family picnic table, opened his mouth and put the gun in, his friend came out the door in time to witness
this faggot’s end.
Rejoice Christians, another faggot has fallen to the Leviticus’ curse… You have proven your god’s worth
Your Bible is so powerful it can kill, the truths you teach us and worship are killing still…
Every timeyou tell me the Bible is truth, I remember the proof,
A screaming mother and a weeping father, shaking an opened mouth limp boy who was never once been a bother.
I think of that bloody picnic table, like the damned alter of Abel, the shiny gun in the grass,
all because the Bible says you can’t have another mans ass.

Tejun Fowler


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