An Ode to Rob Gales

How much permission I have to make this post is inconclusive and it may not last any longer than it takes the subject of this post to have me take it down.

First I am a hunter of magic.  I seek out those who seem to be full of what I like to call magic.  This magic is shown to me through digital social site images.  Call it psychic, whatever you want, but these people, all of them seem to feel the magic with me.  We all feel each other and for some reason, destiny or atomic laws, we are all drawn together.  For what purpose, I still couldn’t tell you, but I think it will blow your mind.

Ok, all of that stuff is for another post, today I would like to introduce you to the model, Na Xule, aka Rob Gales…

He has graciously allowed me to use his image and now he is starring in this graphic advertising my short story on Amazon Kindle, The Flow of Love

This graphic came from an original photo shot by Billie Hecate Stafford

Isn’t it completely wonderful?  Let me tell you Na Xule is as amazing as this photograph, and the Magic he emanates throughout this world by simply existing is tangible.  In a universe of matter, he is a cluster that burns brighter than the rest, so bright you can see the darkness.  Proof of what I am saying is a painted piece, created by Na Xule… in the works, that I am not allowed to post until he is finished, but as it sits it is breathtaking.


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