Sponser my Seizure of Oil Industry Bill

We are getting wholly dicked over by the oil industry.  Not just Americans, but the entire freaking world.  There is relatively a small handful of people who are raking in the lion’s share of the profits from the oil industry.  All of us who pay them billions and billions of dollars should not sit idly by as they threaten to break America, threaten to destroy America by taking their business elsewhere unless we give them billions of dollars.  THAT IS EXTORTION!

WE AS AMERICANS MUST REACT TO SUCH A THREAT.  I do believe the little men who have gained enormous wealth and power by overcharging all of us for oil have grown to big even for their britches.   There is no reason, we as tax payers should have to give the oil companies another fucking dollar through tax breaks.  The oil industry should be showering us with money.  Why?  Let’s first start with the FACT, our military, THE UNITED STATES MILITARY, not the fucking oil industries military, OUR military is responsible for the oil industries success.

When The Corporate Overlords threaten to take their business out of America, I say we should retort with the


We the American people and our Military are going to seize control of the Oil Industry’s assets and machinery existing within United States Borders, Territory, and Waters.   This seizure will not extend to smaller private oil companies.  The Seizure will be reserved for companies who seek to weaken this country by removing vital infrastructure from within America’s operating borders and territories.

This seizure would include all assets of the ‘corporations’ involved.  This includes but not limited to all Oil Platforms off our coastal waters, all Oil Wells, Oil Refineries on our land, all trucks, ships, vehicles, offices and buildings.  In addition every country our military occupies, providing a working environment for the oil industry, these assets previously referred to will also be seized by our military forces.

All employees, except for the highest paid portion of the companies corporate structure, will receive raises and bonuses equivalent to the divided sum of the proposed future income of the previously mentioned corporate heads.   All of these ‘heads’ would have all of their personal assets seized, extending beyond the parameters usually reserved for corporations, leaving them with a base level existence shared by the average American laborer. The sum of their combined personal assets would be divided up into bonus checks for all Oil Industry Employees.

A new controlling board would be set in place to run the industry, voted in by the American people.  This will be a direct election, by the people, not through Congress,  these managing heads will hold their offices for a term of no more than eight years. Special ‘removal’ elections will be held every two years, providing the option of direct removal by the American people of any board member.  At any time either branch of congress can call for a direct election with a two-thirds majority vote.  They may not remove any members of this body themselves.  The matter must be put before the American people.  The President of the United States will hold a CEO position, who will be able to immediately veto any action by the board that in anyway removes these basic powers from the American People.


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