The Horror, The Horror

How rich is rich? I want to show you guys, because there are a lot of people who think they are rich, but by no stretch of the imagination are they rich. Now I don’t believe in the two-parties, Republican and Democrat. The party system in our senate and house is just a show to distract us from how decisions about our futures are really made. But, I have to say that half, if not more, of the Republican Party, is made up of delusional people who ‘think’ they are rich. Let me show you….

Although they would really like to think so, the people in the bigger house, are not rich, not in the slightest.

Most of the people who consider themselves rich are not, they will never be and have no concept of the word. To properly understand this economic misunderstanding we have to examine the different levels of rich. Let us start with the people who take first class wherever they go.

You can take comfort in the fact these seats are in the front of the plane and these people are paying out the nose for certain death seats.

First class is pretty impressive, but then there is a whole other level of rich, a rich most of us lowly people never even see. People who can actually say, to hell with sharing the plane and they charter flights on these….

Is this a G6?

There are even people who own their own jet, they have a pilot and a hanger. I am not saying everyone who owns a jet is, The Man. In fact, if they only have one G6 then they aren’t even close to the top of the pyramid. So do we understand yet? Anyone who doesn’t own more than one jet, in the grand scheme of things, to a real live rich person, is a punk bitch.

This is how we all seem to them, from the trailer trash to first class, we are all perviable bitches to the man.

Do you see the levels yet Plebeians? For those of us who don’t know what a Plebeian is, it is a word that Romans used to describe…

All the people to the right of the douche bag in the white toga, him and his wife are called, The Aristocracy.

Good red blooded Americans are suppose to believe that one of the people on the right can become one of the people on the left. This my friends is an impossibility. Why? First, the laws of physics. The Man, possess ‘almost all of the money’, you could never acquire as much money as The Man and his cronies, unless you take it from them somehow. This also, will never happen, if you insist on using the system they have set up. I know you are instantly trying to draw examples from your red blooded American minds on how that statement is incorrect, let us explore some of the examples I know you are going to site….

This is the position a real rich person could make Will Smith assume

Although he seems to have the morality of the oober rich elite, he will never ascend past his post as facebooks data manager

You must understand, Will Smith is dealing in millions. Guys like Mark Zuckerberg deal in single digit billions. The people I am referring to deal in double digit trillions. Do you have any concept of that? Can you conceive of that much money? Here is a billion dollars…

One Billion, each pallet is 100 Million.

Now here is a Trillion

These pallets are stacked two high btw, the guy is that tiny blip in the lower left corner. Again One Trillion dollars.

Most of the Upper Middle Class, are considered Upper Middle Class, because they are surrounded by all kinds of new shiny stuff. When in reality they have effectively turned themselves into a slave. They acquire tons and tons of really nice shit by using VISA, MASTERCARD and DISCOVER, running up a debt of tens of thousands of dollars, sometimes hundreds of thousands. They get a car and a house they will be paying on until they are sixty. This process of building the American Dream is a keenly veiled slavery indoctrination system. Remember that song, I lift sixteen tons and what do I get another day older and deeper in debt. It is the same concept, borrowing from the company store. Borrowing more than you can ever make.

Apparently they gave out credit cards to much younger people back then.

Hopefully if you read this article and you thought you were rich, your perception has been altered a little. Hopefully if you envied someone with a big house you realize they also, like you and me, are just a punk bitch. Oh they will tell you to work hard, just plug away, try to succeed but that mantra is the new bullwhip, by compelling you to strive for a goal, through labor for them, that will never be realized. Oh you can become Will Smith rich, but don’t ever dare to ascend to the level of The Man.

They no longer motivate us with whip, The Man has become much more creative.

Almost every single institution with ‘authority’ has become corrupted by those who rule our lives. We are surrounded on all sides. Our Masters armed with televisions, celebrities, money, and blind ignorance. Each day they emphasize things like this

When you were watching this on the Television, there were like sixteen wars happening, voter fraud was proven and corporate finance was allowed by the Supreme Courts. But at least he is winning.

SEX and IMAGE are taking over the television and even the news. I think every news anchor to date has had plastic surgery and use to do porn. The anchors are getting younger, blonder and their tits are getting huge. There is nothing wrong with SEX, but it shouldn’t be the single biggest motivator in your life.

Corporations, which are nothing but the seven heads of the great beast, are getting massive tax breaks, which equates to our Masters getting massive tax breaks, and then our congress chops education and college funding to pay for these breaks. This in no way hurts The Man, because the dumber we are, the more we will believe we need..

Eventually you will get a nation of people who are more worried about buying cheap make-up, over priced clothes and shitty work-out equipment, than pretty much any other aspect of life. The television will tell you, as long as you have exactly what the Television says you should have, or as long as you are working toward getting what the Television says you should have, you will be happy.

disclaimer, this happy may not be exactly the same 'happy' you feel.

Just understand you are surrounded on all sides by images and adds convincing you to do everything but care about what matters. This article may seem revolting to you. You were all taught to feel that way, it is almost second nature to you, but deep down, deep down under all that conditioning you have been put through, deep down, you know something is terribly wrong with ourselves and this country. A horror that I feel apprehensive to show you, but I am certain you are all becoming ready to see, you are all becoming ready to see, The Horror, The Horror.



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