The Death of Osama

This is a very difficult time for me.  I don’t know up from down, left from right.  It seems like the ‘entire’ herd, left and right are jubilant over the death of Osama Bin.

This is a cows jubilant face. The one in front is a tea party cow

Of course there are the hard-core fringe elements who aren’t celebrating for reasons like, sanctity of life, due process and other hippy crap.

Classic Hippy Liberal. Look their eyes are just weeping, "poor Osama"

Now there are some of us who are what I call, happeery.  Happeery is a term used to describe my feelings, because on one side of the coin I am like…

Hooray the Witch is Dead

But on the other side of the coin I can’t help but think of this…

Forget WTC(World Trade Center) one and two.  Let us just pretend they are solved.  Osama is dead, and now we can move on to the tower that fell, that day, without the assistance of jet fuel.  It even fell without the assistance of major structural damage.  Which makes sense since, NONE of the other buildings around WTC 1 and 2 collapsed, even though they were missing giant chunks out of them.  GIANT CHUNKS.

This is what a MAJOR fire looks like in a steel framed building. See the sagging and bending metal?

Now that raging inferno is not WTC 7, that is some steel framed building somewhere in the world.  You will be shocked to know…. It never collapsed.   So if this…

Couldn’t do…


But this..

actual picture of WTC 7 fire


Well enough.  I could go on and on, but the big TV has told you all this stuff is a ‘conspiracy’ theory.  So I am wasting my energy typing about it.  I am just happeery because I have doubts.  I mean two planes, 3 total collapses.  2=3 Makes sense to most of the world, but not me, so kill me.  Now I limit myself to doubting and will not go off on giant unsubstantiated tangents about who destroyed WTC 7.  I am just pretty sure, Osama, did not fly a plane into it.  If anyone can prove me wrong please do so in the comments.   Now a building fire like this….
Has never caused this…
So what the fuck caused it?  Does anyone have an answer?  Not one that asks me to just assume this building fell from a INFERNO.  Because this INFERNO
Is a lot worse than this INFERNO
Remember the first Inferno never collapsed!!  So if Osama didn’t fly planes into the WTC 7 and the likely hood of fire collapsing the building is becoming hugely doubtful then, What the Hell happened?  So again the death of Osama is a happeery feeling for me.  Because we got the guy who flew planes into WTC 1 and 2, but we haven’t got the guys who blew up WTC 1,2 and 7.

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