Again we are hit with yet another headline about how a “Corporation” has taken billions of dollars from the tax payers.

G.E.’s Strategies Let It Avoid Taxes Altogether

Look at the title, right there, G.E.’s strategies Let It Avoid Taxes Altogether. WTF is a G.E.? How can a G.E. be an ‘IT’? Or how could a G.E. avoid anything? G.E. is the ‘name’ of a ‘corporation’, and folks we are all mad as hell at these ‘corporations’. But when you get down to it, can you touch it? Can you spank it?

the spanking of G.E.

I have always tried to visualize what the hell a corporation looks like and since nobody has ever captured a corporation on video or camera we are only left to wonder at the physical characteristics of such a creature.

I heard they feel much like one of these

I have one friend who lives by radical ideals and spits profane philosophies. He says that corporations do not exist, they are just merely a mask for people who don’t want to pay taxes and want a buffer between themselves and the crimes their money and employees commits.

we can wear masks to

A corporation is usually an assembly of people like this.

Now all these people are real tangible human beings. They have names and addresses. Some of these people use SEVERAL of these mythical corporations to hide their activities. So when the people are incensed at the actions of G.E. and they stand around yelling at signs.

The guy who made the whole thing go down sits back and creates another corporation to casually continue on with whatever nefarious activities he has planned next.

All I am saying here folks is Austin Powers did not go and beat up Dr. Evil’s shadow corporations like Starbuck’s. No. He went to Dr. Evil’s lair and kicked his ASS.

I have said my peace.


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a short story


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  1. […] Some American’s ignore the T.V. and realize how bad they are being fucked by corporations and they become angry.   To appease these people the corporations will throw the people a sacrifice. Enron was an example of this. The company was eliminated and its CEO heads burned at the stake.  Sometimes corporations will let these angry people gather and yell at their really big signs.  But seriously WTF is a corporation? To explore this issue go here. […]

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