The Liberals and Conservatives are shitting themselves once again..

Here we go again! Some gravely important issue has been shown to America and now everyone is posting, “if you are doing ‘blank’ you are the problem” memes. 
Listen folks the ‘problem’ is that the media can get you all to start clucking like a bunch of damn hens in a hen house. All the ‘outrage’ and ‘support’ is nauseating, the countless posts and videos bitching at what we perceive as the ‘enemy’. The conservative, mike dropping the liberal, and then the liberal mike drops the conservative. So badass of you all. Bravo. 
The problem is everyone at everybody’s throats. Get over yourselves and your world view. Everyone contradicts themselves. Literally weekly. The media can post something and piss off all the liberals then the next week the media can piss off the conservatives about the same god damn thing framed in a different context. 
The problem is your chosen ‘media’ has convinced you that you are ‘different’ than any other mother fucker on this earth and you are somehow superior to them. They feed off your bullshit self righteousness and arrogance using it so you will hate your fellow man. Then they feed you news stories just so you can circle jerk all over yourselves while hating on the other half. They appeal to your god damn vanity. It’s pure evil.  
It is tearing this world apart. Stop judging everyone stop comparing and always looking for the ‘upper hand’ or that place you all seem

to be clawing towards? I know you all think that you are clawing towards some mountain peak of self righteous indignation but instead you are all clawing yourselves graves of hate and judgement.  
Stop separating yourselves by political ideologies, religion, race and country. You need to pull together. We WE need to pull together. Fuck these meme article posting wars and start getting along. If we don’t… Evil will win and it will prevail and it will kill and eat every goddamn thing, conservative and liberal. 

Here is The shit from the liberals

And the shit from the conservatives

He is making America great again


A Dash of Snow and Murica


One of the most beautiful photos I have seen in awhile.  There is a legend, an ancient one, every tribe that could see Mt. Mazama watched as it destroyed itself.  Mt Mazama was larger than any mountain currently standing in the Cascades.  Once it had collapsed in upon itself creating what we now call Crater Lake, all of the natives gathered around the rim and wept, their tears filled the caldera.

The Donkey Elephant Race

We live in a democracy people. Fucking act like it.   

Being Afraid of the Government is Paraniod 


Trump Hitler 


An open letter to the Oregon Occupiers 

Dear Oregon Occupiers- the government has been murdering people professionally and efficiently for a long long time.   
They are going to kill you. Let me repeat that. They are going to kill you. As more and more of you flock to a desolate outpost in Oregon they will wait. The US government is a death adder a killer of dissidents, killing people like you is their primary function. 
When they have decided a sufficient amount of you have arrived for the slaughter they will attack. At first they will send in a tragically under armed and poorly equipped force. You will repel them. You will kill somewhere between 5-15. Now they have all they need. 
Under the Military Powers Act and The Patriot Act they will ‘drone you’. They will burn you to death in a concussion wave of molten metal. 
Next they come for anyone who sent you support packages. Under the patriot act your asses are going to ABU or dead. Under the patriot act you provided material support for a terrorist organization. Anyone speaking support on Facebook will be on the no fly list and maybe even prison. They have all your texts emails and posts. They are looking through your smart phone watching and listening to everything.  
If you want to have a future in resisting the US government then you need to get the fuck out of there and get back into the cities. You have already, by your social media efforts, created a log of everyone who even modestly supports you.  
You are all in grave danger. You must realize this. Go. Go now while you can. Please. Fuck ! This isn’t from fear I speak. This is from a tactical point of view. You are about to utterly fail. Go home. 

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